Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Burlap Roses

Thanks to Pinterest....

I, too, jumped on the burlap flower bandwagon.  These things are so much fun to make... and so easy!

Is anyone else addicted to Pinterest these days?


  1. Lovely...I imagine they are easy to make too.
    Oh yes Peniterst is the best...although I havent been on in ages - it's creative time so I had better get on and see what I have been missing.

  2. I do like those. Maybe I will have to ride along with you.

  3. Thats wonderful Penny! I love it.

    I have dipped my toes in Pinterest recently, but I'm not sure I can handle anything else on line right now. :o)

  4. I am addicted but haven't had time to make anything yet except for food items. So cute, you did a great job. Love it!!!


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