Thursday, February 8, 2018

Sweet Butterbean

Our sweet Butterbean turned 11 years old on Feb.2.

A few days before his birthday, we had taken him to the vet to have two large masses checked out.  (the first having been there a few years, and we were always told it was a harmless fat tumor)   I found a new one in his groin around Christmas time. 

This is how Butterbean looks today.  He had surgery on Tuesday to remove these tumors, which have turned out to be cancer. 

We are so sad, but we are loving on our sweet boy all we can.  The vet said he needs to rest a lot for at least a week, so the incisions on his hip, side, and belly can heal.   We are waiting on biopsy reports, just to see what type of cancer we are dealing with. 

Butterbean likes to follow me everywhere I go inside the house.  So I have had to make myself sit a little more than usual, which really hasn't been a problem.  I'm still making yo yo's. 

**Of course, after the fact, I have done lot of research and feel guilty because we have allowed the vet to administer every type of vaccine that was offered ,  used flea and tick medicine, gave monthly heartworm medication..... thinking we were doing a good thing.  I am now realizing that some of these cancers have been attributed to over vaccinating.  Go figure! **

If you have young puppies, please do your research now.