Wednesday, June 30, 2021

Quick Getaway!

 Our family took a quick trip to Bryson City last weekend. Our family lived there for several years while our kids were still home. Our son graduated from High School there. 

We recalled fun memories and were able to share the area with the grandchildren. 

It took Will’s family a little over three hours to drive there.

April and Annabelle drove over 7 hours from Mississippi.

Even 14 year old Sweet Pea made the trip with us. Hubby and I drove a little over 6 hours to get there.

We reunited with a few friends.

I visited this dear friend. He was a very important part of my years in Bryson City. ❤️ I previously posted  here about Mike .

It was wonderful to have all our babies under one roof for a few days. Our kids are already making plans to visit again during the summer. Thank you Bryson City, for all the sweet memories.

Sunday, June 20, 2021

A Little Hand Stitching

 I spent most of the week trying to clean and reorganize my sewing room. Sometimes that’s all it takes to get motivated to sew again.

This is another vintage potholder I bought on eBay some time back. I had already stitched the orange one.

I must admit that I have quite a few of these eBay projects waiting for me. Sometimes I go wild when I get on eBay. I want it all. 🤭

I have an apple left to do in this little series.

This is an old embroidery I stitched several years ago. I found it again when I was cleaning, so I made it into a little pillow.

My problem with making cute things, is I that I usually don’t know what to do with them once they are done. I had wanted a little rag doll to sit on this little stack of quilts. This little pillow will do for now. ☺️

Happy Father’s Day to all the fathers and Happy Anniversary to hubby and me today. 37 years!

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Saturday, June 12, 2021

Progress in June

 I’m having fun working on small projects and getting things done. 

First, I made myself this patriotic mini quilt entirely from the scrap basket. 

The fun thing about scrappy quilts is remembering the projects  where you used those particular fabrics before. There is a scrap from my first grandson’s baby quilt, a piece from the last quilt I made for my Mama, and scraps from other quilts I’ve made. 

I just realized that everything in the above photo came from thrift stores, except for the cross on the wall. I love it all.

A better photo of the shelves with my favorite Amish girl, purchased over 25 years ago from a local crafter. I have cookbooks on the bottom two shelves.

A close up view before the little quilt was finished.

Remember the scrap gingham rag ball I made? 🤣 Here it is again! I also cross stitched this little patriotic piece and made a little pillow. 

I only did the top part of this free pattern from Plum Street Samplers. The fabric I used was horrible to work with and I used the wrong color for the shirt. So I went back and stitched over instead of removing the wrong thread. I did not enjoy it, so I got to a stopping point and called it a day. I do want to attempt this pattern again—it’s called Happy Birthday, Mr.President — in honor of George Washington’s Birthday.

I promised not to show this again until it was framed.

I studied up on how to frame it.

And I did it!! Is it perfect? No! But I love it and saved a lot of $ by framing it myself. I ordered a custom sized frame from USArt online. The 1978 stamped kit was a vintage find on EBay and I enjoyed every minute of stitching this piece. My grandson, Chandler, stitched the “h” in “The Lord...”

Ok this part is cheesy, but thought I’d share in case you have something like this in your closet. I like the skirt part of this dress, but the top was too big and

So I cut off the top above the drawstring waist. Knit doesn’t fray, so no sewing needed.

I think I created my favorite summer skirt. Have you ever cut an outfit in half before? Maybe you have something in your closet you can reinvent. 🙃🙃🙃

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