Tuesday, July 24, 2018

July 2018

A lot has happened since my last post.  I think I'm ready to see Fall arrive this year... I need cool weather and a change of pace.

We had to say goodbye to this sweet angel last Wednesday night.  It was a very sad night and has been a very sad week for me.  This little guy taught me a lot about love.  I'll love you forever, Tumpy.

Yesterday I had a birthday:

It was a nice quiet day.  I received a few phone calls.  Hubby took me to a favorite seafood restaurant with a river view in Sneads Ferry, NC.   And I was able to take a nice nap with my other two doggies.

I did sneak away for a few days and see this little sweetie back in late June.  It was a good visit and I sure wished I could see that baby more often.  I miss her sweet mommy too.

I bought myself a quilt from an antique shop while in Tennessee.  I just loved the colors and the design.

Sweet Annabelle started preschool last month.  She LOVES getting up to "go play with her friends."

Grandma borrowed a vintage bike from their great granddaddy :-))

These two guys came to spend 9 days with Grandma and Papa  while their parents went on an anniversary trip to NY. We had a nice week.... Avery lost a tooth and Chandler learned to ride his bike without training wheels!!

We took the boys fishing one day; Avery had more luck than any of us.  It was his day.

I painted myself a new quilt block that we hung on the fence. I love the bright colors on this one.

color, color everywhere!

What I've been reading:

I read my first Jane Austen book and totally loved it.  I found an online FREE college lecture series to go along with the book, if anyone else is interested.  Hillsdale College  There are other free things to study there, too.   I also just finished reading another classic :  A Tree Grows in Brooklyn that I highly recommend.  

Tumpy 2008-2018

Birthdays and deaths always make me turn inwards and examine a lot of things about my life.  (we also had two friends to pass away yesterday) It can certainly lead to depression, which seems to be easy for me to slip into... but I am trying so hard to make this into new ambition for myself.  I need to make some positive changes in my life , and I have a few ideas already.   I need to stop wasting time, as time is very precious, and it goes so quickly.  If you pray, I would love for you to add me to your list.... I sometimes wonder if anyone ever prays for me, since my Mom passed away.  :-((    If there is anyway I can help lift any of you up, please let me know.  Love to all!

beautiful hydrangea picked from my brother and sis in law's new house in Bath, NC