Tuesday, June 25, 2019

June 2019

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I'm telling you folks, TIME IS A'Flying!!

I can't believe June is almost over; yikes!

I had all three of my girls for a couple weeks... it was so much fun!  The little girls played so well together and I was amazed at how grown up they have become.  

They asked for matching night gowns early during the visit.  They wore these gowns almost 24/7; I had to make them give them up from time to time for laundry services.

I think these girls could be BFF's if they lived closer together.  I do hope that they will grow up to know each other and be able to spend more time together.

They gave Grandma dancing lessons.

They helped Papa wash the little car.  

Kathy Schmitz design

There hasn't been much sewing go on these days.  I have picked up a little hand stitching and am enjoying a few stitches here and there.   

It's hot here in NC, so I am definitely spending most of my time indoors.  I can't believe I ever used to lay out to tan, in the hot backyard in the eastern NC humidity, back when I was a teenager! I can hardly stand to walk to the mailbox  these days!