Sunday, January 24, 2021

Slow Stitching

I'm trying to retrain myself to hand quilt.  I hope to discipline myself to put in a row of stitches daily, so I can keep my finger callous.  It sure gets sore with each restart.

However, I find that I no longer "quilt" the way I did when I was younger.  I used to load several stitches on my needle at one time and then pull the needle through.  I find it easier to do one stitch at a time these days, which seems to be easier on my underneath finger.  I do use a metal sticky dot thimble, but do need to feel the needle on my skin when it comes through the fabric.  

This is a vintage Noah's Ark panel that I am working on.  It'll be a baby size quilt.  I love the "Rules for the Ark" listed in one of the blocks.  

New to me, is this Ulmer Quilting Frame.  It fits perfectly in my little open spot by the window and fireplace.  I had seen a couple of these frames owned by other bloggers and just knew it would be the easiest one for me to use and still be pretty enough to leave it set up in the living room.  So far, I absolutely love it.  ( I found it on ebay, not having to pay full purchase price for a new one.)

I'm linking up to Kathy's Quilts for Sunday Slow Stitching, where you can go and see what others are hand stitching.  I really enjoy seeing what others are making.

Machine stitching:

I finished up all the blocks for my daughter's quilt.  We are calling it her Quilt of Many Colors as we love Dolly Parton and her  movie about her little patchwork coat. 

I have trimmed the blocks and hope to arrange 
and sew them together this week.   

Stay tuned...…. I hope everyone is doing well.

Sunday, January 17, 2021

Happy New Year (2020 in reveiw)

It's been a long time, but I'm still alive and well.  

A few pics for my very quick review of 2020.  (in no certain order)

A little hand stitching here and there.  My first attempt at EPP with hexagons.  I'm now an EPP fan!

Vintage potholder embroidery.

Six more blocks like these, and I'll have enough to complete the king size quilt top that my daughter requested.

I completed this king size quilt requested by my son this year.  It's warm and cozy and that's all that matters.  And that it was made with love.  

I swore I'd never try another one that large, but then our daughter said " I want one for my bed, too."  LOL

I made a few of these from some vintage looking Halloween fabric.  

I hand pieced and hand quilted this little table runner from my scrap basket.  This was a fun project.

I didn't really love it on the table, so the table runner hangs on the back of my granny chair in the dining room.  

I took this guy to the hospital during the pandemic for an urgent aneurysm repair, that he discovered on his own.  He did well and is as good as new! Edited: this is my 80 year old dad. 

Had a Covid picnic with these kids on the way to pick up the 4th cousin in Asheville.

A little more hand piecing and quilting on small projects.

We said sad goodbyes to this sweet fellow on February 19.

Hand stitched a couple of Kathy Schmitz rabbits for friends.

Matching aprons for the granddaughters.  (no hallmark moments with grandma liked them more thant the girls did)

I caught this fabulous rainbow over our house one day during 2020.  God always keeps His promises.

Easy cross stitching on pre stamped pillow cover.  

Stitched a vintage Christmas piece (pre stamped) that I bought from eBay.  This was a fun piece to do.

Okay, that's it.... I hope to blog more this year so that I can document my year.  

May God continue to bless us all!

Happy New Year!

Linking with Kathy's Quilt Blog for Slow Sunday Stitching. Go here to see what others are hand stitching.