Sunday, August 26, 2018

Tumpy's Quilt

I've finished the quilt that I've been working on and am itching to start my next hand quilting project.

I probably should call this quilt something like "My evolution quilt".   

It all started many years ago, (think 25 years or so), when my kids were little ones.  I started hand piecing hexagons for a grandmother's flower garden quilt.  It was all planned out in my mind, with green hexies to separate the flowers, making it into a flower garden quilt.

Life happened; the kids grew up and the hexies ended up in the attic for several years, tucked away in a cardboard box. Fast forward quite a few years and I purchased the paper doll fabric, having no idea what I would do with it.   I believe they had a front and a back and could have been made into dolls. 

One day I pulled the hexies out and decided to applique them onto a solid fabric and would throw the dolls into the mix and make something pretty for a future granddaughter.

The next thing I knew, I had two granddaughters and the quilt wasn't even close to being done.

I had been wanting to try big stitch quilting with colorful threads and remembered this quilt top that I already had, ready to go.  I started on it a few months ago, with my faithful companion, Tumpy, lying beside me for almost every stitch that was put into the quilt.  He was sick, but I didn't realize how sick at the time. 

Tumpy (the black dog in the picture) died in July and I was still working on the quilt.  When I picked it back up to stitch, it just didn't feel right without him by my side.   I would see his little black dog hair on the quilt and wish so much that I could just bring him back.  I began to call it Tumpy's quilt.

I embroidered his name on one of the hearts, as a way to honor his memory.  It was then that I decided that this quilt would be mine.  He loved to snuggle on the couch with me and this quilt reminds me of our last few months together, we both got lots of snuggle time. 

This pic is kind of cheesy, but the quilt is draped across Tumpy's little grave that we made in the back yard.   I think he would have approved of the finish.

Even with its sadness,  it's been a good summer....

I had the pleasure of seeing all the grandkids at the SAME time and it stirred my heart  to see them together again.  I leave you with this completely spontaneous photo taken of them without any prompts... isn't cousin love grand???