Friday, July 29, 2011


We've been on vacation all week. This is our view from the front porch. It has been heavenly! We all have sun tans and we are going to head back home tonight. I've spent a lot of time reading blogs this week; making for a great vacation. I'm totally refreshed and ready to sew again. I've received a lot of inspiration this week!

This is me and my cutie! He loves the beach. He has been Grandma's shadow this week and Grandma loves him more and more and more! He calls me "ma ma"(two distinct syllables) ... he can't get the grandma part out yet.

Avery loves the beach and Avery loves his Grandma.... what a great week!

**ps** My daughter is home from Hawaii!! It's been a truly great week! :O)

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Rag Dolls and Grandma

There's just something about a rag doll that I love. Some people collect porcelain dolls that are absolutely beautiful. But to me, they have no heart inside. A rag doll is full of love, put together by her maker, with very unique traits that belong only to her. Rag dolls remind me of my daddy's mother: my grandmother. She enjoyed sewing, making quilts, and lots of other crafts. The older I get, the more like her I think I have become. I wish she were still living, so that I could have known her better and could have shared the joys of creating with her.

I remember her, but I don't think I ever really knew her. I did not have the same relationship with my grandparents that my children have with theirs. I am so thankful that my children's grandparents were able to give them so much time and love when they were growing up. I do think my children truly "know" their grandparents well.

I can only remember making just one rag doll when I was in high school. I think I still have her somewhere up in the attic??? Maybe she is at my mom's house, I'm not sure. I did make some Raggedy Ann and Andy's when the kids were small, but for some reason, they don't count. I like unique rag dolls, each with a personality of its own. My best friend bought me a beautiful rag doll for my 30th birthday. I remember thinking to myself that the rag doll was the best gift I received on that birthday!!

I have another birthday coming up soon. I think I may treat myself to a new rag doll... one that I make myself. I'll let you know....

*disclaimer: photo's stolen... I mean, borrowed from the internet.

Thursday, July 7, 2011

The pretty cheap ones

It has been hot and dry in NC this year. I planted a few plants here and there, but they didn't do very well. The prettiest flowers I have this year are the cheap ones that came out of a seed package. These were supposed to be multicolored zinnias. They are zinnias, but they are all pink! I was amazed at how fast they sprouted and how quickly they bloomed this year. I have more "from seed" zinnias on one end of the house that barely came up and barely bloomed. (I think I've seen three orange flowers ) These are right beside my driveway where I park my car; and they make me smile everytime I see them. :o)

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Thrift Quilt Top

Look what $5 will buy you at Goodwill!! As hubby and I were leaving the store last week, I saw a clear plastic bag sitting near the register, with this quilt top inside, along with lots of fabric scraps. After washing it and battling a few (lots) of cat hairs, I'm ready to work on this thing! Someone has folded and sewn the navy borders to the back of the quilt, as if they turned over the edge to hide the raw edges, without finishing the quilt. I am going to clip the stitches and pull out the edges, which should give another 5-7 inches of navy border around the entire quilt. Someone did a great job piecing this top together and I am thrilled to have rescued it!!