Sunday, January 15, 2023

Sunday Stitches

 I’m plugging away at my stitching and actually getting things done.

I’m calling the little reindeer quilt done and I’ve packed it away until Christmas comes again.

I’ve decided that this year's projects will be simple and done. 

You will notice very minimal quilting lines, then it was tacked together in the corners.


I finished one ornament cross stitch.

And I’ve started another. I’m hoping to finish this one this week, then turn them both into ornaments. I’ll probably make them into little pillows, but I’ve been looking at different finishes that others are using. There are some incredibly talented people out there. 

Shout out to Karen at Karen Quilts, etc. she mentioned this neck light and it has been a game changer for hand stitching. I think anyone over 40 needs one! Lol Great for reading, too!

My silly simple way of getting more done these days.

Many of you have fancy little planners with color coordinated stickers and markers. I find I am easily distracted and have plenty of plain notebooks around the house.  Writing out each day’s goals helps me to stay focused.

Do you make lists?

Sunday, January 8, 2023

Happy 2023! Thoughts on crafting!

 Happy New Year to my blogging friends! I hope 2023 will be wonderful for you!

I finished the Santa embroidery a few weeks before Christmas and enjoyed seeing him on my wall. (No one else seemed to notice, so I guess that’s why it’s best to craft for ourselves— Lol)

Along that same thought, I tend to see donated cross stitch in thrift stores quite often. Unless someone requests a specific cross stitch, I don’t think I would gift my x stitch pieces to anyone. (Even though I have done so in the past) Christmas ornaments, yes— but not something they’d be expected to display year round. Your thoughts?

I embroidered eight tiny reindeer, plus Rudolph.

This has been my hand stitching project while sitting with the needy little girl you see in the background. We spend a lot of time in the bedroom these days.

I’ve also joined a challenge on Instagram this year. It’s called #12in23ornamentstitchalong. (Hosted by Caroling55) We hope to stitch a Christmas ornament each month. There are so many free cute patterns available on the internet. I think this will be fun. It’s not too late to join us. 

I leave you with this funny pic of my Daddy. We stopped by his friend’s house this week to see his new “man cave.” I’m not a fan of animal trophies , but I couldn’t resist taking this pic of my daddy next to this big bear. 😝 

Linking up to Kathy’s Quilts for Slow Sunday Stitching.