Friday, August 31, 2012

Those corners...

I am not a decorator, but I wish I was....

However, I have noticed when taking photographs in my livingroom, that my corners always look so bare.   So, I decided to do something about one of them.

I added the plant and the picture that you see behing the lamp. (yes, lamp needs to go!)  The man in the recliner is the one who altered my new sewing table for me.  I'm still happy about that.

Here's the little 'table' from another angle.  It's actually an extra bar stool from the garage and I plan to paint it green.  I made the little round cloth today from thrift store fabric that  I hoarded  bought sometime back.  

Sorry about the quality of the photo (using my iphone), but I wanted to show this pretty pic. that I bought this week from a new store in our town.  This picture is titled: The Basketmaker.  If you click to enlarge the pic, you can see the baskets.  I love everything about it.  Avery likes the sailboats. They are 'just like' the one he plays with in the bathtub.  ;))


  1. That looks so pretty Penny! I love the corner, and the picture too. You used to make a lot of baskets, didn't you? And you like the beach, so this picture spoke to your heart.

    I'm going to put out some fall things today.

  2. I see the baskets, it's a great picture. Your corner looks very nice. I love filling every corner in my home.

  3. What a great little vignette! Now I'm going to have to check out my corners!

  4. What new store?!! You live semi near me...It looks like it could be my kind of place! That's a great picture! Was there more?


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