Thursday, May 28, 2009

Cherry Tree

Did I ever tell you that I have a cherry tree? If you click on the picture, you can see that it is loaded with cherries this year. They are turning red, but they are usually eaten by the birds before they get ripe enough for us to eat. Anytime we've ever tried them, they are very sour! We can see this tree from our back porch and enjoy seeing the red cherries while we are sitting outside.

Friday, May 22, 2009

Future projects

How cute are these projects? I love yo-yo's and I love dachshunds... so what better project for me? I can't wait to start on this cute little thing.... can't decide what colors, though.
And this adorable Laundry bag!!! After putting so much time into embroidery, you can bet it will not hang on my clothesline for the birds to find. :o) Now, if I can just put my mind to it and get started on some of these things. The weather is so pretty outside and it's hard to sit down long enough to start (or finish!) a project.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

The wreath

Well, I made the wreath. It didn't really turn out exactly like I had envisioned, but it came out. :o) It has been a while since I made a wreath and my hands felt awkward and clumsy. It wasn't as much fun as I had remembered. :o( I had seen a monogram wreath recently online and just had to try to make my own. I cleaned up after the little birds who flew away last week and now my new wreath should be able to hang on the door until the weather turns cool. What do you have on your door?

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Thank you, God!

Thank you, God!

thank you God that I did not evolve
but was made

thank you that I bear your image
not the image of chance

thank you that my evil is mine alone
not the fault of some unknown other

thank you that though I die, yet I live
and that in you alone I am remade

~by Peter Rhebergen

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Happy Mother's Day

Once upon a time there was this sweet, sweet little girl who loved her mommy. She was always a little clown and it was hard to get her to "be serious" and sit still for a picture. I don't know if this was made at school or at Sunday school, but this cute little girl brought this home to me one year for Mother's Day. I found this little treasure while cleaning in my bedroom this week. It, too, is a privilege to be your mommy, April. See post below for Will's gift.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Happy Mother's Day

Once upon a time, there was this really sweet little boy who went off to elementary school to learn all kinds of wonderful things. I'm not sure which grade this little boy was in when he made the following tribute to me, but I'm guessing kindergarten, first, or second grade. I wish I had written the date on the back of this lovely art work, but I didn't. I'm so glad I saved it. I was cleaning in my bedroom yesterday and ran across this.... just in time to display for Mother's Day. Please click on the picture to see my "one" nostril and my pretty blue eyes. Notice how he said I cooked breakfast for him "about" everyday. That's southern for "almost" everyday. I can just "hear" him telling these wonderful things to his teacher about me... in his little boy voice with the long southern drawl that was so pronounced when he was a little boy. This is my little boy... all grown up now. He is 24 years old.... still has a southern drawl, but has learned to disguise it when he needs to do so. He is married to a beautiful, sweet girl that I've been praying for since he was a little boy. God gave him a wonderful wife who truly adores my little boy... almost as much as I do. ;o) (joke, Ashley)

Thank you, Will, for the privilege of being your mother. You and your sister are the best! (I'll post her little Mother's Day tribute tomorrow.)