Monday, May 7, 2018

A Busy May

Spring seems to have finally arrived and life has gotten busy. 

First beach trip done (kite)

We aren't having a garden this year, but we did set out three tomato plants and harvested a few asparagus stalks from our asparagus bed.  I plan to enjoy my dad's garden harvest this year.  He lives alone and has plenty for everyone.

This little girl had her vet visit and the vet recommended not removing her fat tumor.  She did perform a biopsy on it, so we know it's not cancer.  She's getting stiff and achy in her old age, but she can still tree a squirrel !  She's 11 years old now.

Brinley Kate

I visited with this little girl and her brothers for a couple of days.  We celebrated her 4th birthday on Saturday.  Grandma took her to get "birthday nails" on Friday and she wanted rainbow nails.  They are growing up quickly!!

Nursing home yo yo quilt
I had not visited the place I had worked in over two years, and I got a chance to stop by for a little visit.  We weren't allowed to have phones in the building when we worked, so I finally got a chance to take a picture of one of my favorite things there.  One of our patients made this yo yo quilt years ago and donated it to the activities department for auction.  The nursing home owner made the highest bid and had it framed and hung on the wall where this patient resided.  It has always been special to me.

This little girl's daddy built her a tree swing and she's been having a lot of fun.  She's growing up quickly too.  Grandma hopes to make a visit to TN to visit with her soon.

I brought out an old quilt top to work on and put it in my pvc frame for some hand stitching.  I could not seem to find a comfortable way to quilt, so I moved it to a hoop.

Slowly, but surely, I'm getting a little big stitch quilting done.  I made all these hexie flowers when my children were little ones.  Of course, I dreamed of a "real" grandmother's flower garden quilt, but this is the best it will get.  :-))

Here's one side of my sewing room since I rearranged the whole mess.  I like sewing better on this end of the room and hope to spend more time in there. I love having a whole room just for my fun stuff.

Good bye for now.... that' s me and Chandler in the caboose.... we took a train ride for Brinley's birthday party.  I have to get busy cleaning, because these same kids are coming to stay with me this weekend, while their Mama and Daddy go out on a big fishing boat.  Two weeks in a row!!!!!  I'm so excited to see them so soon.  Have a great week!