Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Simply Pretty!

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My daughter is doing some decorating in my son's empty room. We plan to use that room as a tv room. (and maybe we'll squeeze in a corner for sewing???) She already had this very large glass bowl that someone had given to her. She filled it with coffee beans ($5 from TJ Maxx) and put a pretty candle inside. The aroma is wonderful! Whenever I walk into the room, I take a deep breath and smell the coffee!

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Easter decorations

I worked in the kitchen this morning. I put away a few things to declutter the countertops. I no longer have a bread basket on the countertop. You can find the bread on the lower shelf next to the peanut butter. I moved my coffee pot around to allow more room by the sink and put the coffee, filters, creamer, etc. in the cabinet above the coffee pot. Sounds simple? It was..... such a DUH moment for me... but makes everything look cleaner in the kitchen. I brought the bunnies into the kitchen. They are now the only things on my bar and you can actually see them. Before, there were placemats, the landing spot for purses, mail, empty glasses, etc. We'll see if we can keep this clean look up. Plus, if I can keep it clean, it will make a great spot for cutting fabric and working on other craft projects. (so much for keeping it clean, right?)
I bought this string of Easter eggs to make the new wreath for my front door. (before birds starting nesting) I decided to drape them on my light fixture for now and I actually like the way it looks. Too bad I don't have a table underneath. It's still in husband's apartment. I hope it will make its way back home soon.
I also rearranged my mantel again this morning. No pictures, as I'm not sure if I really like it. I just wanted you to know how busy I've been today. I love working part time!

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Happy Spring!

Happy Spring to you! This is a cute banner that I had planned to use on my front porch this year. Then the birds arrived and now nothing will be placed on the porch area for a while. (except for a sign to warn others that birds are nesting)
Okay, I've been working part time for two weeks now and loving it! However, I cannot figure out why my house is such a MESS! I have yet to work inside at decluttering and cleaning. I did work outside yesterday to clean out the back flower beds. The dogs enjoyed their new "playpen" and I did get a lot done.
Are you planting a garden this year? With the economy, I think a lot of people are planning to grow their own vegetables this year. I had planned to grow a few things in pots, but my neighbor and son decided otherwise, for me. We now have a rather large garden spot plowed up and ready to go. It's been years since I've had a garden and I really don't have that much experience, so this will be a trial and error experience for me again. (remember the corn and the Mennonites, Mama?)
It's supposed to rain for a few days, starting tomorrow. I hope I can get a lot of inside work done then. I really have been busy; it's just that no one can tell. :o)

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Not again!

Surprise! Again! Last year, in May, I had birds to nest and raise a family in my wreath. You may remember that story, as I followed them along the way with my posts. I had told myself to make sure I removed the wreath before bird nesting time, as I really didn't want to go through that again. We had to block off the front door so no one would disturb the birds and to keep anyone from being attacked by mama bird. After our birds flew away, I had a huge mess to clean up on the door.
Well, yesterday, I was leaving for work and I noticed birds flying around my current wreath. ( a heart shaped basket) I thought to myself that I had better get that wreath down tomorrow. Tomorrow is now today and when we checked this morning, I am TOO LATE..... the nest is complete with one little egg already inside. So, there goes my plans for my new Easter wreath that I planned to make this week. I cannot bring myself to disturb mother nature. We will, again, watch the birds develop from our front door this year. I did make myself a note, already, on next year's calendar....end of February: remove wreaths from doors! :o)

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

Today is St. Patrick's Day and I always think of my dear friend, Mike, who reminded me so much of a leprechaun. Mike was a wonderful friend and coworker when we lived in Western NC. We shared an office where he was a social worker and I was a nurse. His background in Social Work was with child protective services and boy, did he have stories to tell. We frequently went out on home visits together and I quickly learned where every child molester and wife beater in the county lived. I met witches in one area of the county. He didn't tell me they were witches until we drove away. He called these people one of his many "colorful people." Mike loved people.... especially colorful people. He didn't own much, but would give away the shirt off his back. He would promise people the moon, and usually delivered. There was an old Indian woman who always called our office, asking Mike to bring her some meat for her freezer. Somehow Mike would figure out how to get her some meat to fill her freezer. She would call back a week or so later and say the meat had been stolen. (she, more than likely, sold it) What did Mike do? He found some more meat for her freezer! I used to get aggravated with him and tell him he was too nice and too gullible. But my words never stopped him. He would laugh and tell me he was taking care of his colorful people. Mike loved to cook. He loved to feed people.... especially me. (I gained a few pounds while knowing Mike) He lived a few houses down from my family and frequently treated us to his wonderful creations. He used to own a restaurant in Florida and I think he never lost his passion for cooking. One day I was very sick with a virus. I stayed home from work and threw up all day. Around lunch time, I heard my doorbell ring. I slowly got up to answer the door, only to see Mike's white "chicken truck" drive away. He had left me a container of chicken soup and called me later to see how I was doing. Mike raised his granddaughter, alone, as his wife had died a few years before I met him. He drove a white dodge truck with a camper shell on the back. As his granddaughter got older, she became embarrassed to be seen in, what she called, the chicken truck. He loved the name and was proud of his chicken truck. I enjoyed riding in the chicken truck. Until I found out Mike was sick. Mike tried to hide his illnesses from us and pretended everything was okay. We knew he was sick, but we knew better than to pry into his private world. He wanted to take care of others... not himself. Finally, one day in the chicken truck, he asked me to drive. He told me that everytime he turned his head to the right or left, that he would almost black out. This was the beginning of the end for Mike. He finally went to the doctor to find out that he had a lot of other things wrong with him too. He would ask me to pray for him, because he didn't really believe in that "religous" stuff. Mike died of cancer just before Christmas a few years ago. I was fortunate enough to spend a little time with him before he died. Mike accepted Christ as his Savior just before he died and could not stop talking about the Lord when we visited together. Mike was truly one of my "colorful" people that God placed in my life for a few years. I will never forget him and will always think of my little leprechaun today and on every St. Patrick's Day.

Monday, March 16, 2009

Love 'em anyway!

I wanted to share this picture of my daughter's sweet little dachshund: Tumpy. He came to live with our family when my daughter moved back home a few months ago. He turned a year old on Friday. Tumpy is a sweet little boy, but must be watched very closely to keep him from tearing up and trying to get into the garbage. We are learning to remove everything from the end tables that Tumpy might enjoy. Except for this morning.... We had some car maintenance done on two of our vehicles last week. We decided that it was time for dear daughter to pay for her own car maintenance, so she had written a check this morning to go along with our check. I guess Tumpy thought none of us should pay:

I was cleaning up the kitchen and all the dogs were VERY quiet. My dachshund, Sweet Pea, did come and whine at me once, but I didn't pay her any attention. I guess she was trying to tell on Tumpy. When I walked into the livingroom, this was all that was left of the two checks. Bad Tumpy! I still love you.

Friday, March 6, 2009

Monday morning...

Welcome March, 2009! This is what we woke up with on Monday morning... beautiful snow. I was hoping the weather man would be wrong this time, as I had to get up and go to work on Monday morning. Work was very interesting.... 12 out of 14 nursing assistants called out because of the snow. Thankfully, our snow loving maintenance man drove to pick several of them up for work. What a day! This top picture is my house as we were leaving the driveway. My husband was here and took me to work. Thank you, dear!
The picture is dark, but my front sidewalk is underneath all this snow.

The sun was shining directly into my eyes when I took this picture. I could not even tell what I was shooting. But this is a view of my work place, when we drove up.

This is my dogwood tree just outside my front door. Just think, in a few weeks, it will be full of beautiful springtime blooms! It was beautiful and today's temperatures will be almost 70! Enough snow for this year. Please hurry, spring!