Saturday, April 20, 2013

Bloggy, blog, blog....

I really do intend to blog more often than I do, but time just slips away these days!  I've been busy, but having fun.

We finally moved the quilting machine and the frame into the garage.  Thanks to hubby, we put a practice piece in and the machine seems to run nicely. ( had it been left to me,  you would be seeing the whole setup on Craigslist today!!)   I am looking forward to trying my first quilt, realizing I have a LOT to learn still.  I have an old quilt top that I made when my daughter was a little girl that I am trying to put my hands on... I can't seem to find it this week....but I've decided to make that top my first machine quilted top.  Excited!  (hubby even wrote his name in thread while we were practicing!)

Hubby got a new toy, too.  So far,  he is enjoying retirement with his new lawnmower.  Cute little Butterbean is always looking for a ride.... the dachshunds....not so much.

picture loaded sideways....sorry

I been watching this little guy for a few days (while his  big brother was at the beach with Nana and PawPaw).  I will say it again:  This is a SWEET baby!  Do you think he has Grandma's eyes?  

I bought this sewing machine from a seller on Craigslist this week for $30. From time to time, my daughter will say that she wishes she owned a sewing machine.  Now she has one!!  It sews... I need to sit down with the manuals and figure out how to make it sew 'good'.  

I've been working on this  baby quilt for a friend from work.  It will probably be quilted on my regular sewing machine... unless I get  really brave!

Isn't this cute??  It's a vintage pillowcase....colors perfect....fabric still stiff....and it has a Sears and Roebuck tag on the inside.  I have no idea why I thought I 'had' to buy it.... maybe there will be a little girl in the family one day, who will want it.  ;-)

The  colors are poor in this pic, but I wanted to show you my vintage linen display.  I bought a painted crib rail and plan to hang this on a wall in the sewing room.  People who don't embroider don't  usually realize the hours of pleasure that were put into these pretty pieces.  And I am thrilled to death to snatch them up at yard sales and thrift stores.  

So that's about it for me.... it's off to work for me this afternoon.  I"m still working 2 days a week, but can definitely see  a light shining in the tunnel.... I am hoping to cut back at least one more day very soon!  I am trying my best to work my way into full retirement.  :))))

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Happy Spring!

Happy Spring!  It  feels like spring may finally be arriving in our area of NC.  It's been a lo-o-o-ng winter.  

I made a bright yellow wreath to welcome spring... all done on the  cheap, of course. Dollar store flowers hot  glued to a grapevine wreath.  It shows up pretty from the road.  (I love using a hot glue brings out the inner child in me)

I put out my little Easter flag just a few days before Easter. I had forgotten that I had it; I bought it last year after the holiday from Pier One.  That's the best time to buy holiday items, as long as you don't forget them or forget where you put them. 

Remember the tool box from a few posts back?  I found plastic fruit on sale at Wal Mart today for $5 a bag. It took 3 bags to fill it, and I'm happy with it.  These fruits remind me of my grandma Butler; she had lots of faux fruit in her kitchen.  My favorites were the styrofoam ones that she covered in sequins.  Does anyone remember those?

And I found a cool 'new to me' toolbox at Goodwill today for $3.  This one is pretty large... it measures approx. two feet long.  I am going to paint it and fill with geraniums for my porch.  I just love  treasure hunts when I can find treasures.

Happy Spring to you!