Friday, September 21, 2012

Happy Friday!

My week:

I only added two more blocks this week to the Underground Railroad quilt, but I have two more cut out and ready to sew.  Slowly, but surely!
Hubby cut down my beloved crabapple tree.  It is the prettiest blooming tree we had, but we had been discussing removing it for a couple years now.  It is a messy tree, very close to the house, and the dogs are forever bringing us crabapples and sticks inside the house.  So, my beautiful tree is gone, but we may plant another further out in the yard somewhere. (and I love all the new sunlight coming into my livingroom window since we removed it)
I've been looking for a drop leaf farm table for a little while now.  My tiny dining space doesn't allow much room for a big table and our family is growing and growing.  Last year for Thanksgiving, we improvised by putting a large sheet of plywood over my tiny table to make room for everyone.  (it actually looked pretty with the tablecloth on it).  Yesterday I found this oak table at the little store in our town that I speak of from time to time:  The Painted Picket.  Hubby has promised to paint my chairs black and I hope to find two more similar chairs to go with the set.  (I haven't even cleaned the table up yet, so if you enlarge the pic, you will see dust on it, for sure)  And guess what my old table will be used for???? a cutting table in my sewing room.... yay!!
I fell in love with this little table while I was shopping, and asked the lady if she could 'cut me a deal' if I bought both tables.  She did and I did.... yay.... this is going to be used as a night stand in the guest bedroom.  *happy*
Last night while watching X factor, (filmed in Greensboro, NC) I started cutting paper hexies.  I've seen so many one flower Wednesday posts and love, love, love the little hexie flowers I've been seeing.  So, what's another project, right?  I've never done paper piecing before, so I'm excited to try this new project. (plus, it's an easy 'carry with you ' thing)
And... I've been listening to Francie Taylor CD's while playing in my sewing room.  She explained how the book of Proverbs is a manual for living and challenges us to read whatever chapter corresponds with today's date, as there are 31 chapters in the book.  If we do this every month, and take to heart the wisdom of Solomon, our lives will be so much better.  She calls the book of Proverbs the 'recipe for life'.... so I have taken the challenge.  It's easy for me because I've always loved the book of Proverbs. :)
It's back to work for me today and through the weekend, so my play time will be limited.  I'll be loving on little old people this weekend.  Hope you all have a great fall weekend! 


  1. Love the tables you bought, hope they work out great for you. You certainly keep yourself busy with projects. (while I spend my day on my computer) I am going to get my bible out and read Proverbs!

  2. Nice table!
    Hey...I was at the taping of X-Factor in Greensboro when they were here. It was really fun to see it on tv vs what went down at the taping.
    One thing I didn't like on last night's show was how COUNTRY they made us look...really?!!! That was ridiculous!

  3. Penny, this was a very newsy post! You've been so busy. Love the tables! I like reading proverbs too, especially chapter 31. Wish you could love on my Mama! Still in the hospital.

    Today's favorite: Psalms 56:8 You have kept count of my wanderings and put my tears in your flask. Are they not in your book?

  4. Sounds like you've been busy, busy, busy. Love the tables. I don't think we can get X Factor. We spent the afternoon in Rocky Mount visiting your Aunt Doris, yesterday. She's still doing good. Love ya!

  5. I have never heard Proverbs referred to as recipes for life...Ilove it!!! I love the whole perspective it teaches...thank you. you just planted a seed!!!
    I am your newest follower..pls follow back if you can.
    my daughter is a quilter, like you..

  6. Hi Penny,
    How pretty.
    I love reading the Proverbs, So much wisdom in there.


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