Wednesday, June 25, 2008

My little quilt

I've had this quilt for at least 12 years. I bought it from a little flea market in a very tiny town in NC for $5. It is all sewn by hand.... the flowers, the quilt, and the quilting stitches. I have had it tucked away all this time, as I didn't want my children to "mess it up". Now get this... I brought it out over the weekend for my little dog to sleep beneath when she lies on the couch next to me. What kind of mama am I? I wouldn't let my kids touch it, but now I'm using it for my little dog??? hee hee The funny (odd) thing is, that after all these years, I noticed for the first time ever that there is embroidery on the back, that I never have seen before. It says 1984-McClung. I'm sure a Ms. McClung made it in 1984, but I think some of the fabric looks older than 1984. What do you think?

PS. My little birds flew away today! (see posts below) I was a little sad when I came home from work to find the empty nest. But that is nature... and I really enjoyed watching them while I could.

Monday, June 23, 2008

Country Living

These pictures cannot reveal the true beauty of this recently cut hayfield near my home. This field seems to go on and on, but my camera could not get a view of the whole area at once. I love these huge round bales of hay and how pretty they make a landscape look. Believe it or not, there is a pretty blonde lady who is responsible for cutting all this hay. I've seen her in several fields in the area, on her red tractor, working away in these fields, while someone else comes along with the baling machine to finish up. I'm proud of her... I have no idea who she is.
I imagine she is used to hard work and probably doesn't enjoy her work nearly as much as I enjoy seeing her handiwork. This is country living at its finest... true beauty found in what is a necessity and money maker for the farmer, yet such a pretty site for others to enjoy.
By the way, Mom, this field is just a yard or two away from our very famous neighbor. (The King of Nascar)

Thursday, June 19, 2008

See how we have grown!

Look at my baby birds! There are still six in the nest and look how crowded they are! I hope they can continue to live together as they grow and that none fall out of the nest. Look at all that YUK! that I will get to clean up after they fly away. Do you think Mama bird poops on the edge of her nest? Or does part of that mess belong to the baby birds? Whatever it is, it is surely making a mess on my front door. I look forward to cleaning it!

Friday, June 13, 2008

His eye is on the sparrow....

This is what we saw on Sunday when we peeked inside the bird's nest. Lots of little feathers, with one egg not having yet hatched at this point. Now, look what I see today: Scrawny little birds packed tightly inside their very tiny nest! It 's amazing how much they have changed already!
They seem to be just flopping around in the nest... apparently, waiting for Mama bird to bring some supper in this picture. I've had new carpet put down this week and new furniture delivered today.... all without disturbing the birds. Everyone is still using either the garage door or the back door. This has been a little inconvenient to all of us, but it has truly been a gift watching these little miracles right in front of our eyes.
And you know, God not only watches over the little sparrows, but he truly watches over ME. There were fatal shootings at a nursing home this week, in our new town where hubby transferred recently. As many of you know, we decided to keep our house, and I've moved back home and resumed my former job. However, if we had not made that decision, I would have been at that very nursing home when the shootings occurred. My office would have been just down the hall. I don't think I would have been in any danger, as the shooter did not intend to take anybody's life, other than his own, his wife's, and his mother's. But I don't think my mind or my body could have handled the horrific events of that day. I turned down that job just days before returning to my current job. I pray for all those involved and I thank my dear heavenly Father that he truly watches over me!

Saturday, June 7, 2008

Baby, it's hot outside!

Eastern NC is having a heat wave and boy, is it hot! I've been in and out of the car for two days, running errands, and the heat is unbearable. I cannot imagine NOT having an air conditioner during this time. The a/c seems to be working overtime, but it's doing a fine job cooling our little apartment.

I started back to work last week. Everything went well and most everyone seemed glad that I was back. After having not worked for almost two months, it was a big adjustment, having to set the alarm clock and actually leave the house every morning. But I made it through my first week and look forward to being with so many of my friends again.

I am working Monday thru Thursday, which gives me a three day weekend every week. (my new position doesn't require me to work weekends) Other than not having to work at all, what more can one ask for? Right? Coming to the apartment on Thursday night was almost like taking a little vacation. If the gas prices would only come down, I think this living arrangment will be okay for awhile.

For those of you interested in seeing a few of my son and daughter in law's wedding pic's, go here: I'm the mother in the blue dress. Babysitter's Love is my daughter in law's blog page and I always look forward to reading her posts. Please check her out if you have time.

Hubby and I will be heading back to our real home this afternoon. From there I have to get busy, as we have homecoming at church tomorrow. I posted about homecoming once before and was surprised at the number of people who had never heard of a church homecoming. I guess it's a southern thing. Everyone will cook and bring several dishes and dessert to church tomorrow. Friends, family, and former members are invited to share in our meal after church. We will have a guest speaker, which is usually a former pastor from the church. It's a lot of work, but a lot of fun.

I hope you guys are staying cool and enjoying this "spring" time weather!