Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Happy Birthday Mama!

Just a very quick post to say "Happy Birthday" to my mom. I hope your day is happy!! I will be over to visit late this afternoon. You're the best!!!

ps... yesterday I went with my son and his wife for a baby ultrasound. Our new grandchild (my first) will be a BOY!!!

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Fall on the Porch

No, I didn't fall on the porch today... thank God. But I did put out my fall decorations. You will recognize most of it from last year. I added the pumpkin topiary and the plant with the scarecrow head this year. The scarecrow head was made by Yorkie's Primitives and I received it in our fall swap this year. It smells so good! Another view below... yes, the same old tired decorations. I hope to buy new stuff at the end of the season this year. How do you like my upside down pot for the plant stand.... I need to find a clay colored one... maybe I have one out there somewhere.

Below is a closeup of my topiary. I can't remember who to give the credit to for the idea, but one of you wonderful bloggers had made one this year, and I copied you. Leave a comment if it was you, please!!
I had fun making this topiary this morning.... nothing like raffia and hot glue! I need to buy two fall flags and spruce up the flower beds... and my outside decorating will be done.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Sweet little corner

I really haven't done much fall decorating this year. I do plan to work on my porch this week. The summer stuff outside is very "tired". My livingroom colors are basically fall colors anyway, so this hangs by my back door all the time. Click on the picture to read the sign.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Yesterday's cheap thrill

Yes, I stopped by the Goodwill store yesterday when I went to buy groceries. I bought this little glass dish for .49 cents. I then bought a bag of candy pumpkins for $1.88. Isn't this cute sitting on my sewing machine table? I love cheap thrills!

Friday, September 11, 2009

Sewing room view

I finally sat down to sew yesterday for the first time in a long time. It was very enjoyable, especially with having my machine in front of a window. My livingroom is on the back side of my house, so we never see what's going on in the front. Yesterday while sewing in my son's old bedroom, I enjoyed watching traffic go by, I saw the mail lady deliver my mail, and I saw the flower delivery truck delivering flowers to a neighbor. These are things I miss by being in the back part of the house. I think I will enjoy my new sewing room view, as I do love being nosey. :o)
** Now, for the rest of the story.... can you see that red pin cushion on the sewing machine? Later in the afternoon, one of my dachshunds jumped in my sewing chair and stole the pin cushion without me knowing. It is a new pin cushion that I had just put a few pins in that morning. I was guessing I put about 20 pins in it. One of the dachshunds showed up at my feet with the pin cushion, its leaves were missing and all the pins were gone. I went into panic mode! I could only find about five of the pins ... I vacuumed and swept every floor in the house. Still in panic mode, I called the vet to see if he thought they could have eaten the pins. "Yes ma'm, dachshunds can eat anything." He recommended I bring them in for an X ray in a couple of hours. So, $240 later, my dogs are okay.... no sign of pins in their little GI tracts. The mystery still remains... where are the pins? And ... did I mention how much I enjoyed sewing yesterday? :o)

Thursday, September 10, 2009

It's almost fall!

My swap partner received her goodies so now I can show you what they were. Here is a picture of what I sent to her along with some autumn recipe cards and patterns for the entire set of embroideries for her frame. (a different embroidery for each month) Unfortunately, the little brown creamer dish was broken during transit, but she was able to glue it back together. :o( Below is my Singer sewing machine table all finished and starting to be decorated for fall. Tongue in cheek.... the most expensive thing on the table was the flower pot... that I bought from Wal Mart yesterday for $5. The other things are thrift store finds (napkin, deer, little metal frame) and the rest were gifts from bloggers. Aren't blogging friends the best????
I have two boxes full of fall decorations in the garage, but cannot bring myself to start putting them out yet. The weather is gorgeous here today... cloudy, breezy, and almost cool. I think I am going to stay home all day today and sew. What a great day!

Wednesday, September 2, 2009


Have you guys ever met Tumpy? Tumpy is the newest addition to my "litter" of pups... he came to live with me about a year ago. He is a fat little dachshund who has the most precious personality ever! He makes really strange throat noises, that sometimes sound like a little kid is yelling in the room. He will lay in the floor for hours, rolling, making those noises, playing with a toy, just entertaining himself. He is squishy and loving... he loves to be held. He gets very jealous when we rub another dog and quickly goes over to bite the other dog's leg while it is being rubbed. If we rub Tumpy for a few minutes and stop, he'll whine until we start back. He cannot jump onto the bed.. he has to have a footstool. He can make it onto the couch, but sometimes has to try more than once. He is rotten! Tumpy has a weight problem... the vet sent a message to me to stop feeding him so much! I need to help little Tumpy lose weight, but it's so hard with two other dogs in the house who do not have a weight problem. I put their food out and if they choose not to eat at that moment... well Tumpy will eat it for them. I'm not sure how to fix this problem, as I don't believe in anyone ever being hungry!!! Has anyone else had this problem.... how to help one dog lose weight while making sure the other two get enough to eat? Any advice would be helpful, as I do love our little Tumpy!
ps... I have a friend who has a small dachshund like my Sweet Pea. She came over to visit the other day and brought her 13 year old daughter with her. The daughter fell in love with Tumpy. Her mom told me that since she met our Tumpy, she has been trying to "overfeed" their little dachshund because she wants him to be fat like Tumpy. So far, she said her dog has only developed diarrhea. :o)