Thursday, February 25, 2016

Hello again blog!

It's been three months and I really do want to keep my blog going.  I cherish going through my mom's blog :  Ancient One's Place .  Her posts really make me smile and tug at my heart strings, especially now that she is gone.  I hope that someone will enjoy my blog one day too.

Mama has several posts featuring my daddy's goats on her blog.  Curt's  mama goats recently delivered their babies over the past couple of weeks (during the coldest weather we have had here in NC).  He has spent a lot of time in the goat pen, helping along his mama's and their babies.  He lost a few, but now has 14 new baby goats that are thriving and doing well.  I read somewhere that winter baby goats are stronger than spring baby goats; so these should be some pretty healthy goats, for sure.  Daddy says he doesn't want to have them bred as early next time; he prefers spring goats. 

This is my daddy with one of his new baby goats.  He is such a good care taker and has impressed me, the nurse, with his skills.  He knows how to put a tube into their stomach and give them extra milk if needed.  I told him that I had to attend nursing school to learn that.  He said he learned from Alex, his old goat friend, who has passed away now. 

We had been away from home for 18 years before Mama died.  It's bittersweet to be back now, wishing we had done so sooner.  But it has been a pleasure to 'get to know' my daddy all over again.  Now that I am older, I can see so much of my own personality in his personality... it's downright scary.  ha ha   And our feet.... we have matching feet... something I didn't realize until my daughter pointed it out to me.  Bless us, we have short toes... I call them 'toelets'. 

I had been extremely busy since Mama got sick and passed away.  I think I finally hit the wall a few weeks ago.  I really miss my mama.  I'm slowing down again; going into semi retirement again; we will be moving into , what we think is, our forever home in a few weeks.  I hope to get back to the things I love; sewing, quilting, homemaking, grandchildren, family, church, our doggies, etc.  And chickens... we plan to get us a few chickens at our new house.  Daddy has spoiled us with fresh eggs since we've been back home.  Once you've had fresh eggs, those pale yellow yolks from the grocery store just don't satisfy.  :)

I am going to try to sign into my mom's blog soon and make a final post for her.  She had several friends there who probably wonder where she is these days.  She was very private and didn't even want her family to know how sick she really was.  I just wish we had realized sooner.  But it was all in God's hands and there is nothing to change it now.  The biggest lesson for all of us:  Get your routine colonoscopy as recommended.  Love to you all!