Thursday, January 31, 2008

House for Sale

House for Sale. Yes, this is my house. My husband accepted a promotion within his organization and we will be moving two hours away from where we currently live. Am I excited? Yes and no. I truly love where we are living now. My children are here and I don't want to leave them. However, this is an exciting opportunity for my husband and we will be closer to our original "home". We won't put our house on the market until after the wedding in May. (my son's) I am happy and I am sad. Everything will be okay.... it always works out.

Saturday, January 26, 2008

Another cake... and Mom

Well, I bought my bundt cake pan today and made a lemon bundt cake. I was so afraid it wouldn't come out of the pan in one piece, but it did! Yay! I guess the icing pooled a bit much, but I was very pleased with the results. I hope it will taste good. Notice the cake plate: it was a "found" item when we moved into our current home. When I was cleaning the kitchen cabinets, I found it above the refrigerator, pushed towards the back. I'll bet the former owner has looked for it many times since she moved, but I couldn't bear to let her know it is here. :o) In fact, with every home we've owned, I have a little piece of "something" from that home.... except maybe the last one, I can' t think of anything.
You guys probably get bored with my silly blog posts, but a lot of these posts are designed for my mother. (mama) Most of you don't know it, but I live three hours away from my family, so my blog is a way of keeping them informed of "my world." My mom also has a blog and we enjoy reading each other's.
To those of you who live near your moms, you are truly blessed to do so. Enjoy your moms! I've been away from my family for almost 11 years now and think of all the things I would like to share and enjoy with them. My mom and I are very good friends and I'm sure she is aware of how much me and my family have "grown" in the 11 years we've been gone. I think living away has allowed me the opportunity to mature and grow spiritually, in a way that I may not have, had we not moved away. However, I think my mom and I would enjoy living near each other again, and I sometimes feel I'm a different and better person than the person who moved away 11 years ago. (not that the younger me was all that bad!)
Back to the cake.... my son and future daughter in LOVE are coming over tonight to make plans for the rehearsal dinner. (wedding in May) I am cooking Paula Deen's baked spaghetti, tossed salad, and bread sticks. We'll have the lemon cake for dessert. If you like Paula Deen and like spaghetti, you'll love this recipe and it's not difficult to make. This is a dish that is served in her restaurant, The Lady and Sons.
Speaking of.... I really want to plan a trip to Savannah and dine in her restaurant. I have a few friends who have done so and have given me mixed reviews. Even so, it's something I want to do... maybe even this year.... if I can find a puppy sitter. (*hint* daughter) You want to go with us, Mom?

Friday, January 25, 2008

My day off!

My first day off of my long weekend! I slept in this morning, spent a little time with the children (bow wow), and then headed out for an afternoon alone. I shopped at a new shopping center that I really had not had the chance to spend a lot of time there before. What fun! I didn't see it all, but did find a few great bargains. Two new pairs of jeans and a new blouse!
Okay, this is huge for me.... I then went to a "sit down" restaurant, ALONE, and had lunch. I was craving a good cup of coffee and knew that Cracker Barrel wouldn't let me down. I have never dined in before by myself and had always wondered about other lone diners, when I would see them sitting alone. I had always thought it might be a little awkward. It was great! My waitress was super nice and it was fun to have "thinking" time while eating.
After a couple more stops for shopping, mostly browsing, I stopped by the grocery store before heading home. Thankfully, I have my grocery shopping done, and tomorrow can be an "almost" stay at home day for me. I do have to run one of the dogs to the vet tomorrow. He seems to be having anxiety issues since my daughter moved out about a month ago. I wonder if they make doggie prozac?

Thursday, January 24, 2008

On the mend

Thanks to everyone who checked on me this week. I am happy to report that I am feeling much better after four days of antibiotics. I got my voice back on Wednesday and with only an occasional squeak, I am talking very well. My girlfriend went on a Starbucks run today at work and I think that cup of yummy hot coffee just completely healed me! I'm not normally a Starbucks kind of girl, but for some reason today, it was a wonderful treat and really hit the spot. I'm off for three days now, so hopefully, I can find something fun to blog about. I hope everyone is well and has a great weekend!

Monday, January 21, 2008

Off to visit the doctor...

Okay, all you guys that enjoyed your snow this weekend: This is what I did all weekend while it snowed. I had to work 36 long hours at the nursing home with NO VOICE! Now have you ever tried to talk to "very hard of hearing" people with NO voice? It was a challenge, to say the least. (I did end up writing out messages to those who can still read) Several of them thought I was trying to tell them a special little secret and would whisper back to me.... I thought they were cute. I still have a lot of sick people on my hall, and one who is dying. It was very difficult trying to work with the patient and family without a voice. I had another nurse, bless her sweet little heart, who made all my phone calls to the doctor for me. I really did enjoy seeing the snow, but I would have enjoyed it more, being home, and resting my vocal cords. I still can't talk this morning, but I'm off to the doctor at 9:45. I'm actually going for a regular checkup, but figured if there is anything possible to make me well, maybe he'll have sympathy and give it to me this morning. I really think it's just a viral thing and will be gone in a few days anyway. Who knows? Maybe he'll tell me I can't go back to work this week..... ha! Have a great day!

Tuesday, January 15, 2008


Joanna, from Joanna Quilts, sent this bookmark to me. She said a friend of hers made it. Some of you talented ones can probably get ideas to make some adorable little bookmarks. I'm trying to figure out how she made the green trim along the edges. I love it! (click on pic. for closeup view)

Welcome back!

Believe it or not! I brought my sewing machine in the house and cleaned it up! It has been in the garage for three years now. I'm so proud of my old baby; it still works.... light and all! I broke a needle when I first got started sewing, but thankfully, had some spares. Below, I am getting started on my project. A new Bible cover. I am still using the same Scofield Bible my parents gave me when I was a senior in high school. I have often thought of switching to a new one, as my cover is worn, but I have so many notes and memories in this one, I can't bear to stop using it.
The dogs surprised me when I started sewing. I thought they would bark and go crazy at the hum of the machine. But look at Butterbean! I brought his blanket in the kitchen and he went right to sleep.
Sweet Pea found herself a spot on the vent behind me. They were both so good. I was careful not to drop any pins, as I knew what would happen if I did. It was almost like sewing with my children in the house again.
Okay, here's my new Bible cover. I'm very rusty and the binding isn't sewn very smoothly, but I'm excited that I actually sewed something today!
I will post a picture of the beautiful bookmark you see hanging from my Bible later. It was a gift from a blogging buddy. I want you all to see it!

Sick doggies

Do dogs catch sickness from each other? Yesterday the little dachshund was sick, throwing up parts of a huge bone she had pigged out on the night before. I'm sure she was sick because she had made a little pig out of herself, eating a bone almost as big as she was, in 15 minutes. Well, this morning the other one is throwing up. I guess I know what I'll be doing all day! And yes, I'm still sick too. I wonder if we all have the same thing???? This picture was taken last night when my newly married daughter came over. The pups were glad to see her. I think she wishes she could take them home with her, but her and hubby's work/school schedules don't allow them time for dogs. I am very willing to share joint custody with her. Especially today....

Monday, January 14, 2008

Truth about my vacation

The truth about my vacation (started on Friday) was that I woke up sick on Friday! I had a little sore throat on Thursday, but I kept thinking "oh no, it can't be, I'll be fine." Not to mention my son was sick with bronchitis and laryngitis all last week. And not to mention that most of the patients on my hall were sick and I got them all taking antibiotics before I went on vacation. (to make sure they would be well when I got back to work) I washed my hands diligently all week, more than usual, and used hand sanitizer until my hands were dry and cracking! But.... I woke up Friday morning, feeling like this:
I managed to piddle around the house and get a few things done on Friday. Saturday morning, I felt like I had been run over by a truck, but got into my closet and cleaned anyway! This is what I had most been looking forward to about my days off. I probably didn't do as good a job as I would if I had felt better and had more energy. You know, it was one of those days that your arms feel as if they weight 50 pounds each.... back aching.... sore throat.... stuffy nose.... etc. To top it all off, I have two adorable little dogs that I just love and I love to make them happy. (not my dogs in photo) My little dachshund is a BIG chewer and the vet told us to only buy Nylabone toys for her, as they are much tougher and "safer" for her. (she ate future daughter in law's shoe this summer, along with a few other inedible things, causing a trip to the vet) Last night after church, we stopped by Wal Mart and I bought her and little brother two big bones... made by Nylabone, so they had to be good! ($5 for two bones) They were huge so I thought they would last a day or two, and I could get some good rest while they chewed on their bones. Chew bones make them so happy! Let's see... I think the little girl had hers eaten in 15 minutes and then stole what was left of brother's bone, making a pig out of herself. I ended up taking brother's from her and throwing it away.
You guessed it. She has thrown up undigested Nylabone chew bone all night long. On my comforter and on my couch! Not only am I feeling poorly, but I now have to clean up dog vomit!
Did I tell you how much I LOVE my Bissell carpet cleaner? It has an upholstery attachment that did a wonderful job on the couch last night! I've used it again this morning on the other couch, as that bone is still being returned to me. My throat hurts, I can't breathe, my eyes are watery, and I'm miserable. I love being on vacation!

Saturday, January 12, 2008

Discovering myself

I found out a few things about myself today while cleaning out our bedroom closet. Number one: I am a pack rat!

2. I hide things from myself, causing myself to buy things in duplicate, because I am so unorganized. However, I do like surprises when I find these hidden things!

3. I hate to throw away Home Decorating magazines. Even today, I put two large stacks back into the closet, that I just could not yet part with.

4. I hang on to things just because I like them, not because I'll ever use them again.

5. I have more projects to do "one day" than I'll ever live long enough to see completed. I buy way more than I need.

6. I have way more time on my hands now days than I did when my kids were little and growing up. However, I accomplished a whole lot more back then. I found the little quilt posted above while cleaning out today. It is a miniature bow tie quilt, sewn all by hand, that I remember putting together while the kids were little.

7. I need to go on a fabric diet, pattern diet, project diet. However, I'm sure those diets are just like food diets.... impossible. The temptation is great!

8. Last, but not least, I hate cleaning out closets. I only did the "stuff" today. I still need to go back through the clothes and shoes!

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Diet Time

Okay, it's January... who is on a diet? I need to be and have very good intentions, but can't seem to get motivated. Not that I'm eating absolutely poorly right now, but I could be doing better. So, I brought out the George Foreman grill the other night, marinated some chicken breasts, and cooked them up in ten minutes for supper. They were very good and very easy. The bad thing is ..... cleaning that George Foreman grill. I hate cleaning that thing! I think I would use it more if I didn't hate cleaning it afterwards. Can anyone else relate?

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Bag holder

Okay, here's another dorky post, but everyone NEEDS one of these! I bought this plastic bag holder at the same consignment shop where I bought the rolling pin below. It looks like a dish towel that has been sewn to make a tube. It has a drawstring top and elastic bottom. I have it filled with all my plastic shopping bags (that usually get stuffed here and there in my laundry room ) for easy storage and easy dispensing! It was only $3 and probably could be made for less that that. I'm one step closer to getting my house organized, which is my goal for January. (I'm taking next week off from work to accomplish this goal!) Just thought you would like to know. :o)

Monday, January 7, 2008

I love Monday!

I love Monday... well, every other Monday, that is! After I work my required "every other" weekend, I'm off work on Monday and Tuesday. I love that Monday morning feeling after a 36 hour weekend of working! I get to wake up when I feel like it, I can lounge around in my gown, drink my coffee, catch up on everyone's blog, read all my email, and think about the long "free" day I have ahead of me! Yay! for every other Monday! Okay, while you are here, let me show you this pretty little rolling pin I bought at a local consignment shop last week. Isn't it wonderful? I only paid $5 for it, which I thought was a good buy. I hope to find a hanger for it to use near my green china cabinet.
This is a hand beater that I was blessed to receive after my grandfather died. It belonged to him and my grandmother and I am happy to own it now. When the kids were little, they enjoyed beating their eggs with it from time to time. I am thankful for electric mixers, but this is really fun to use sometimes. Have a wonderful Monday everyone!