Friday, September 14, 2012

Don't throw away your faded pumpkins!

We all have them....pale, faded pumpkins that we have used year after year to decorate with.  Well, this little set 'almost' went to the thrift store this year. 

But I decided to try to give it a little life.  I bought orange acrylic paint and gold shimmery glaze paint.  In a matter of 15 minutes, tops, it looked like this:

So, it was allowed to dress up my porch for fall again this year. (notice I did paint the stem in next pic)

Thanks to Mrs. Goodneedle and this post, I am trying to clean up my act.  I have made a huge dent in my closet this week and left most of my fall decor in their boxes this year.  I would love to be a 'minamalist' intead of a pack rat!!

And I leave you with this picture...just because it's cute.  Our Avery is growing up so fast!  He really keeps us entertained these days.  His little  brother is growing like a weed, too.  Full of smiles and such a sweet boy.


  1. Those pumpkins looked good when you finished with them...

  2. The pumpkins are like new and look great!

    Avery definitely is a cutey!

  3. Your pumpkins look great, even the cute little pumpkin in the tub!:) Doesn't the cleaning out make you feel LIBERATED? Well done!!

  4. hI pEN pEN.
    Aren't you the clever one to fix up those pumpkins! Very cute and orange.
    Must be some kind of virus going around, a lot of us are cleaning out like crazy. We even went down to one car, now thats big! I'm going to do all the stuff in the Kitchen next.
    Kiss the babies for me.

  5. I love how your pumpkins turned out - but I love the sweet little pumpkin in the last picture! Adorable.

  6. Wish I had read this post 30 days ago:( Your pumpkins look great!

  7. Hi there, So happy to meet more quilters and crafters through quilt story thanks for stopping by! Love the pumpkins and ORANGE!! Babies are beautiful and I just learned how to "machine bind" myself. Not sure yet, which I prefer!!

  8. What a cute picture of Avery. He is adorable. Love what you did with your pumpkins. Smart idea!


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