Tuesday, April 29, 2008

My Friend's Table

I thought I would brag on one of my friends today. Every spring, sometime around Easter, she hosts a tea party for her daughter and her little friends. She started this when her daughter was quite young and invites about six little girls over for tea. The little girls dress up in their Easter dresses (and sometimes Easter hats) and come over to Connie's for this little celebration. I'm sure my friend enjoys this party way more than the little girls do, but I've always admired her talent and creativity to put on this little event every year. This is a picture of her table from a couple years ago. The funny thing is that her "little" daughter is growing into a young teenager now and isn't too excited about this frilly stuff any longer. So what did God do for my friend? He surprised her last year, at age 45, with a new little girl to love!!! Now, my friend can have tea parties for years to come!

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Here we go again...

Sweet Pea and I have had a lot of "rest" time the past few days. Guess what I've done? I quit my new job! I decided night shift and an hour commute both ways was a bit much for me. Plus, have you seen the gas prices? I'll be finding something more local to do. Butterbean has enjoyed his "rest" time with me too. He seems to be a little warm these days, as he is lying under the ceiling fan, trying to cool off. I think a summer haircut is in order for him this week.
There will be lots of rest time for the doggies this week, as I hit the pavement, trying to find another job. I'm sure there is something out there.... most places still have a nursing shortage. Wish me luck!

Sunday, April 20, 2008


I wanted to show you my new little angel that I hung in my new bathroom. If you click on the picture to enlarge, you can read her message. I found her at my favorite store: TJ Maxx. You just never know what you'll find in there. That's why it is very important to go there at least once a week. :O)

Friday, April 18, 2008


I made it through my first week of night shift and I'm still alive! It was a little tough, but a good experience, for sure. It was fun being with the children that I now work with and was great relearning prior nursing skills. I am also reminded of how thankful I am for healthy children! Sometimes we forget how blessed we are.
This whole moving transition is coming along, as I am actually doing something fun again. See my yo yo's in the picture? This little yo yo maker is fun and makes perfectly formed yo yo's everytime. I've made them the old fashioned way too, and this is much more fun!
I also started tanning yesterday. We have a big wedding coming up in less than a month now! I need a little tan to make myself looked relaxed, and so as not to blind anyone when I am escorted into the church. :o) I'm going to look for my wedding shoes today and will find someone to hem my dress. I think we just may make it through all this!
I found a new place to have my nails touched up yesterday. I met the funniest woman ever in the nail salon. Her ex-husband is mayor of our town and she was a hoot... talking about him and his new wife. I was truly entertained while getting my nails done.
I've been walking on the treadmill... believe it or not. It sat in our garage at our "real" home for two years, hardly ever used. I now have it in the livingroom of our tiny little apartment and it's finally getting some use. I decided that walking is now a necessity, as I don't get nearly the exercise at my new job, as I did at my old job.
We found a very pretty lake in our town yesterday and took our dogs for a walk. Our dogs are not used to being around strangers and it was a very interesting walk. Big dog wagged his whole body each time he would see people.... little dog barked viciously each time she saw the same people. We need to socialize them a little more!
I talked to a dear friend last night who worked with me at my old job. Seems a lot has happened since I left... things I would not like at all. It made me happy that I was no longer working there.... see, things really do have a way of working themselves out. I didn't have to leave on a bad note and I didn't get fired!
I have some really big dreams right now. #1 is that our house will sell quickly and then my other dreams may follow. I am definitely looking "up" right now as our life is moving in this new direction. 'Hope your week has been a good one!

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Whew! I made it!

Okay... no kidding! This is how I felt after my drive home this morning! I worked my first 12 hour night shift last night and surprised myself with how easily I stayed awake. The one hour drive home was a booger! I prayed all the way home for safety. It should be easier tomorrow, as I have slept all day today! Isn't this a funny picture? That's probably how I looked on the bed today!

Saturday, April 12, 2008


It's been a good weekend so far. Thursday night we had dinner with our new neighbor, who was so kind to invite us over. We enjoyed getting to know him and the dinner was wonderful. Isn't it nice to know there are still nice people in the world? Friday I went to my real home and was able to spend a little time with my dear son, who will be getting married soon. I took the doggies with me and I am so very proud of how well they ride in the car. They are great traveling companions. Today I attended a wonderful wedding shower for my son and his soon to be wife. It was a great time and the lovely couple received some very lovely gifts. I traveled back to my "pretend" home tonight and hope to rest up on Sunday, as I start my new job on the night shift Monday night. Yikes! Night shift after working 11 years on day shift!!! I hope I can make it. I used to really enjoy night shift and felt as if I got a lot more done around the house back then. I hope that will be the case again. If you happen to wake up during the night, say a little prayer for me, that I'll be wide awake and doing a good job! This picture was taken last weekend when my children came to our pretend home for the day. The puppies are always glad to see them! My daughter is always happy to see them too.... she still claims to be Butterbean's mommy. I beg to differ... I think I'm his mommy now. Either way, neither dog suffers from lack of love! They are rotten. 'Hope your Saturday was good and that you enjoyed everything you did!

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Soon to be newlyweds!

As I have mentioned here before, we have a wedding coming up in a few weeks. This is a picture of my son and his soon to be wife taken at their shower on Saturday. My sis in law gave them their first wedding shower and we all had a great time. The fun is just beginning for them, as they have another shower coming up this weekend. Wouldn't it be fun to have another shower... and have everything all pretty and new again?

Sunday, April 6, 2008

Here's the pig!

Remember the pig I told you about a few weeks ago? I've been wanting to show you his picture. My sweet daughter was here yesterday and showed me how to work the picture thingy on my new computer. Is this pig's expression adorable, or what? Daughter and I just had to run to TJ Maxx last night, just for a quick minute or two, to see if they had anything new. She found another pig and "almost" talked me into buying it. But I exercised self control and didn't bring it home with me. I have no place for pigs in the apartment and I just hate to pack them up for storage. So, no more pigs for Pen pen right now! But isn't this one cute?