Sunday, September 22, 2019

September Stitches

Yes, I'm still stitching on my snowmen, but not as quickly as I had planned.  I'ml on track to finish before winter, so that's a good thing.

I tend to spend too much time watching what you all are doing on Instagram and Blogger, when I should  be stitching my own things.  Anyone else guilty?  Instagram really has a hold on me these days... there is just so much pretty there.

Thanks to YouTube, I learned how to do the required stitches for my borders.

I learned the herringbone stitch and the Cretan stitch.  Both were very easy to learn, just not something I had done before.   Don't inspect too closely, because there are a few places where my needle came up on the wrong side of the thread.  

I'm still reading (too much).  I try to go to the local thrift store that sells .10 cent books every week and I'm bringing in more that I'll probably ever read.  But I'm a sucker for books and keep thinking I will be set for winter, should something happen that I can't get out of the house like I want.

I picked up "another" Amish recipe book last week for ten cents and I've enjoyed reading the recipes.  There are a couple I want to try and wanted to share this one, to see if anyone has ever eaten this:

Chicken Pudding!(click to enlarge photo)  This just sounds yummy to me.  For years, I have had a taste for something that I think I ate somewhere a long time ago.  I can never pull it directly to mind, as to what exactly it was that I ate, but this may be similar.  I mean, it's chicken and gravy... it's got to be good, right???  I will let you know! 

 Edited * 

The chicken pudding was "ok".... you definitely need lots of gravy.  My homemade gravy tasted kind of bland.  If I were to make it again, I would buy the gravy mixes from the grocery store, since they have more flavor.  The men liked it, so I guess it was ok.