Sunday, August 4, 2019

Still Redworking

I'm still working on the redwork for this little wall hanging.

I'm excited about working on this and hope to start putting it together this coming week.( Even though I still have all those little border stitcheries to trace and stitch.)

I had the house to myself yesterday and it was a lazy Saturday, just perfect for stitching.    I watched youtube video's , as I have finally learned how to watch them from the tv.  

Have any of you ever watched Appalachian Cooking with Brenda?  She is a mountain lady and cooks up some good food in her tiny cluttered kitchen.  She loves cooking and it humbles me to see how happy she is in her little kitchen with one tiny counter   in which to stir up her goodies.  If you want to check her out, here is her link:  Appalachian Cooking with Brenda.

I've been following #stitchingspot  #stitchyspot @ #commonthreadedstitcher on Instagram this week.  People are showing their stitching chairs and I have really enjoyed seeing everyone's favorite place to sew.  Some people really have a nice setup.  This is where I've been stitching this week.  I turned the chair so that I could see tv, and the lamp on my left side is the best position so that I don't get shadows.  My couch is getting too soft and I needed a firmer place to sit.  So far, this has been perfect, until I wear this chair out.  :-))  Wherever I stitch always tends to turn into my little "piggy corner"...  but it's my little world, and I am happy here.

I am linking to Kathy's Quilts for her slow Sunday stitching post.  Check her out to see what others are working on.