Monday, December 3, 2012

The baby dogs and random stuff

I would love to be able to say that the dog babies 'posed' for this picture, but they didn't.  They are at the door, watching Avery and Chandler drive away with their mommy, after spending time with us.  They look pretty sad, don't they?  Random:

*Hubby RETIRED from his job last week.  He is a happy man and I am a jealous woman!   Actually, he has big plans and is looking forward to pursuing his dreams.  He will probably work harder now, than ever before.

* I had LASIK eye surgery a few weeks ago and I can see like a hawk. Happy me!  I almost chickened out and didn't have the procedure glad I did! After 30 years of wearing contact lenses...I  can say 'no more'!

*I've been doing a lot of reading on pantry stocking and being prepared.  I am not worried about the Apocalypse or anything on Dec. 21 (If I was afraid of that, I am way behind....LOL), but I do think it is important to be prepared... and it's Biblical.

*I love,love, love my Kindle e reader.  I'm amazed at all the free books that are available.  Hubby asked me if there is some kind of 'prize' for a large book collection.  He said 'you'll never read all those books'.  He is probably right, but I 'have' them if I decide to read them.  And I can always delete those books that I decide I won't read.  Right??

*I'm almost ready for Christmas.  I have a few gift cards to pick up, and I need to wrap gifts, but I think I have most of it under control.

So, that's about it in my world.  I hope everyone is having a relaxing holiday season!