Sunday, February 17, 2019

February 2019

I haven't posted since November!  Where does the time go and how does it move so quickly?

Our grands with their great granddaddy

The kids were here for Christmas.  We had a great time!

I got a new back splash for Christmas.  I love it!!

 It's amazing how much prettier the kitchen looks with the back splash.

Christmas gift to myself... made by a friend of mine.  This hangs in my freshly painted dining room.

Still thrifting..... a $3 pioneer woman jar is now my kitchen night light.

I found this paper towel holder for $5.  Isn't it so cute?  See the price it sold for on ebay… I'm keeping mine.

This little fellow had eye surgery to remove growths that were covering his eyes.  Look at those  new puppy dog eyes!!  (recovery was tough!!)  This old guy turned 12 years old in February.

My sis in law celebrated a big birthday in January.  She had requested a quilt for her 60th birthday.  I bought this kit from Craftsy and put it together for her.

I continue to facetime with this little girl every day.  Oh! how I wish she lived closer!!  I wish all my grandkids were just next door!

Her mommy is a hair dresser and she knows a lot of hair dresser "talk".   She cracks me up when we "play" hair dresser on face time.

And... I'm sewing.  This quilt is being made for Annabelle's 4th birthday, coming up in March.  Her mommy requested it for her new bed.  I'm itching to do some hand stitching, so I'll be happy to finish this and to get away from the sewing machine soon.

Ok, we are up to date..... carry on.  Happy 2019 everyone!