Monday, August 16, 2010

Rolling Pins

So, how do collections "evolve"? I never started out to collect rolling pins, it just .... happened. I found this little wine rack at a thrift store this weekend and thought it would be perfect for phase one of the collection. :o) Below is another view of the rolling pins. I think I like them. :o)
What do you collect?

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

What 'ya doing?

Well, a looong time ago, I posted here to show you two new patterns. I finally got around to starting the laundry bag over the weekend. I am having so much fun with it, as I find embroidery to be so relaxing. It's easy to do while I watch t.v. at night and really goes pretty quickly.

The truth of the matter is: if I never buy another project to do, in my entire life, I have enough to keep me busy until I die. (and I'm assuming I will live a long time) I am such a sucker for buying something new to do, without even starting previous projects that I was so excited about when I purchased them. Especially if I find something at a bargain price! Does anyone else have this problem? I'm trying to stop doing this. The best thing to do is stay out of the stores, but that is impossible. I keep telling myself that it is okay... that I could have a much worse (and more expensive) habit... and this is okay. So... think I'll run to Hobby Lobby today. I might find something good. ;)