Saturday, October 20, 2012

Popping in...

Hey everybody!  We are still here.  I've been busy, it just seems I can't see much accomplishment from all the busy around here. 

This is my fall arrangement for my new farm table.  Hubby is painting the chairs for me, so the table stands alone right now.  This enamelware pan is one that I 'inherited' from my granddaddy after he died.  He used this bowl to make biscuits.... impressive, huh?  I still can't make a decent biscuit.

I found these old sewing machine drawers at an antique show back in the spring.  Hubby has a friend who is talented in woodwork, who made the little cabinet for me.  Not sure what these drawers will be used for.  Avery has discovered them and I'm thinking 'treat drawers for the grandchildren'.  :))

The fall fireplace with the creepy eyed portraits on display.  (they are my favorite)

A picture that Avery took of his little brother, sitting in his great grandma's lap.

Not sure what happened, but I can't figure out how to fix or remove this pic...this is a sideways shot of Avery helping his great grandma blow out her birthday candles.  (he picked out the cupcakes)
And this is one of my favorite things:  Avery is enjoying playing with his daddy's fisher price barn these days.  It has the original 'little people' and accessories.  He will ask me each time he gets it out to play, "did my daddy play with this when he was a little boy?"  
So, that's about it....not much sewing, but lots of grandbaby sugars!!

Monday, October 8, 2012

YUM! Mock tuna salad (chick peas)

Thanks to Pinterest, (my latest addiction), I found this yummy recipe and tried it:  Mock tuna salad made with chick peas!!  I'm not a tuna salad fan, as tuna is just a little too fishy tasting for me; however this recipe is delicious and doesn't taste at all like fish to me.  It reminds me more of chicken salad or egg salad or potato salad.  If you love any of those, I think you will love this!  And it's sooo easy:

This recipe comes from The Apron Archives:

And check out the ingredients in the next picture:

Now, can it be any easier??

hint:  My husband does not like celery, so I chopped mine very tiny, very very tiny...and he loved this spread as much as I did!  I also chopped my purple onion much much finer than the ones shown in this photo. 

We ate some of this using honey wheat bread and some of it using Triscuit crackers.  OMG... I hope you will try it... you may never need to make chicken salad again!

Link for recipe here:   The Apron Archives