Saturday, April 4, 2009

The Quilt

Yesterday I went to the library. Going to the library is one of my favorite things to do when I have time to really look around. This little book is really a short story put into book form. I started reading it yesterday while waiting for my hair appointment and finished it last night before we watched a movie. (free DVD "rental" from the library) This is a Christian fiction story and was such a sweet book about being thankful.
This is one of my favorite passages in the book: "The quilt was a picture and a story. It was a testimony to a time when pressures did not cry out for urgent things to be constantly tended to, when the world had not created a thousand different temptations pulling free time into a myriad of mindless activities. It told of values and patience and timeless meanings. It drew the person in. It spoke of comfort and rest. It soothed with the gentleness of a mother's kiss."
This described feelings for me that I could never describe for myself.... it explained, for me, why my heart is so drawn towards quilts. I have always loved quilts and quilters.... the simplicity of it all, yet the persistence and patience that it takes to reap the rewards of finishing and enjoying a quilt.


  1. Yes, you always did love quilts and making them..

  2. Penny, I love the library too! Just yesterday I was there and brought home a stack of crafting type books.

    I'm sure our libary will have this book. I'll check next time I'm there.

    The passage you quoted reminds me that when I am working on a quilt, it shouldn't be a stressful thing. I get stressed out because I don't really have time to work on a quilt and should be doing other things. I need to "calm" down when I am sewing! The other things will still be there today, tomorrow and next week.

  3. pen pen,
    I ordered the book, PEOPLE AND THEIR QUILTS.
    That is a cute little rabbit from pier one. Can't beat the price.
    Yes I will be looking at the thrift for some sun dresses, will post a picture if I find anything.

  4. Great passage from the book - I love quilts too but haven't he patience (or the eyesight) to actually make one - which is really too bad because there's 2 quilt shops at the end of my street!


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