Thursday, April 23, 2009

Around the yard

Just some pic's from around my yard today. I made this hanging basket this morning and hung my new little garden flag. Notice the "stone" on the ground. This was a $1 find at a yard sale a few weeks ago. It's not really a stone. It is actually a plastic thing to hang on a wall. The lady said she used it in an "oriental" themed bedroom. I knew exactly where I would use it, but I didn't tell her. Isn't it unique? (click on photo for a better picture) Below is my front corner of the house. The azaleas are blooming in beautiful color this year. I had several to die on the other side of the front door during the drought. Not sure if that's why they died or not, but I need to replace them this year. (if you click on this photo, you'll see my Butterbean peeking out the window... he doesn't let me too far out of his sight)
Did I tell you the bird came back? She came again this year and I was upset because I didn't want her to nest on my wreath again. Then a storm came and blew everything away. I felt guilty because I didn't want her there and then this happened. I found one egg that was not cracked. I hung the wreath back up and put the one egg back in the nest. She didn't come around for a few days. Then, to our surprise, she came back....... somehow kicked out the "bad" egg and laid some more. My wreath looks pretty bad right now, but I'm enjoying watching mother nature at work again. (you may have to click on this one too, to see the eggs)

I'm not sure what kind of eggs these are, but the bird who belongs to the nest in on my roof. Click to enlarge to see if you can identify this bird for me.

And finally, a different view of my new dog fence. Aren't the flowers gorgeous? I wish they could last all summer, but unfortunately, they'll be gone soon, and it won't look as pretty. I have spent most of my day on the back porch today, enjoying the view.

I hope you guys are having great weather today too!


  1. Oh you lucky girl! I loved having my VERY FIRST nest and hummingbird one no less, last year. It was really fun to see their progress (Gracie & George it turns out) and sort of sad to see them finally "leave the nest" - and yes, I suffered from Empty Nest Syndrome :-)
    Keep us posted on their development and the bird on your roof? It's a "Mamma-Birdie" of course!

  2. Your flowers are so pretty.... and I love the flag and the stone... I don't know what kind of bird that is...but I'm happy she came back so you don't have to feel guilty...

    I am loving this good weather today... my yard is at it's prettiest too... on yeah, your dad bought himself two knock out roses... wonder where he'll put those?

  3. Penny, your yard is so pretty! I'm glad you now have more time to enjoy it. :o)

  4. Your yard is absolutely beautiful!!!
    I believe the bird is a summer tanager, the female of course, if not the summer tanager, it is a tanager of some sort.
    The first time I saw one was a couple of years ago and I thought it was a sickly Cardinal....REALLY!!
    Stephen has a book on birds when he was in about 6th or 7th grade they were really into the bird thing at school and he really liked it.

  5. Oh my gosh the flowers are gorgeous. I'm having flower garden envy right now.


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