Friday, August 24, 2012

What is it?

This is what I found at the thrift store this week.  $5.  I was excited to find it and grabbed it up and carried it around the store as soon as I saw it.

You see, I already own one of these, but it is much smaller, and was much more than $5.

For those who don't know, this is a light box.  It is a very handy tool for tracing embroidery patterns.  (I used to use my storm door and sunlight to trace patterns, which works very well, too)  My husband bought the one in the little box for me several years ago and I have put it to good use.  However, because of its smaller size,  I sometimes have to trace a little portion, then slide the fabric around, and then trace some more.   So, you can imagine how excited I was to find this large light box for $5.

I took it to the cashier to pay for it and the manager of the thrift store was standing there as I checked out.  When she saw that I was buying the box, she smiled and  said "what are you going to do with that thing?"  I proceeded to explain to her about the light box and to tell her how happy I was to find it. She admitted that she had NO IDEA what that 'thing' was and had no idea how to price it when it came in. She was happy that I was happy!  I, personally, think I got a great deal on a very nice light box and the manager got a nice learning lesson, so that she can raise the price on the next one that comes in.  SCORE!  :))


  1. I love it!! Ha ha... I was wondering what in the world that was? Luv ya!!

  2. Yes! Those are nice things and you got a great deal. They are good for marking quilt patterns too?

  3. I wouldn't have guessed what it was. I can see how that would be helpful. Way to go on your purchase!

  4. love good deals!

  5. Once a month toward the later part I try to visit a some different blogs and I came over from Sandy...
    Oh thrift store shopper actual I clean out one of my kitchen drawer and took a few things in.
    I've seen a few things in stores and wonder what they are...but if I figure something to use it for it good...right?...
    I could use that possible for ceramics....Last thing I embroidery was a dish towel.
    Hope you have a few minute to stop by for some coffee.


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