Friday, April 16, 2010

Sweet baby smiles

Our son in law Troy was able to come home from his Army duties for three weeks, due to a broken thumb. We are sorry he broke his thumb, but boy, are we glad to have him home! This is Troy, my daughter April, and "their" dog, Tumpy. Tumpy was glad to see his "daddy".
My son, Will, and his wife, Ashley, and our baby, Avery! Tumpy loves Avery and wants to be so close to him!

Oops.... Daddy I got you... again. This is quite common these days. It's funny to watch my son with spit up down his back.... it doesn't even bother him. Back when he was a little boy, he would have freaked out if a baby spit up on him. Isn't love grand?

And now.... look at this beautiful smiling face! Tonight was the first time Avery had met his Uncle Troy. He looked up into his face and gave him this beautiful smile! We all got smiles on this night... unfortunately, husband was away at his job and missed all this sweet fun. It was wonderful to see Avery smile at me and to know .... this smile is just for me. I love him!

This is Troy, April, and Avery... I can see lots of love in this picture! I don't want to rush them, but I look forward to the day that Troy and April decide to have children of their own. :o) This grandma business is fun!


  1. The grandma business is truly the BEST!!! I love it so much and I miss my little ones when I can't see them regularly. Your little Avery is SO darling! How nice to have your SIL Troy home for a while, I have a nephew in Afganistan. Our prayers are with our soldier boys.
    Hugs, Cindy S

  2. God bless you and your sweet family. I am glad Troy is able to come home for a visit. I can not imagine having one of my sons go overseas. Tell your son that there are many Christian women out here that are praying for him and the other soldiers. We are proud of what they are doing!!!
    Avery is just too cute. My how a baby can change boys into men. God bless you.

  3. I am offically jealous ~ I want one too!

  4. yep i agree! this grandmother business is soooooo much fun.
    what a darling grandbaby you have.
    thank heaven for broken thumbs!
    enjoy each moment!

  5. I just know what you are feeling... ;-) Grandchildren are wonderful and great-grands are even more so...

  6. Yes - so much good has come out of that silly broken thumb! :) It was so precious watching Troy and Avery meet for the first time.... I am so happy to have my hubby home for three weeks. :) :) :)

  7. What gorgeous photos Penny,what a lovely family you have.Avery has grown so much..and he is so cute. I am so looking forward to being a grandma :-)

  8. Love that last picture. Too cute.



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