Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Snow Day???

So, it's March 2nd... and we are expecting snow. Historically, NC gets some of its largest snow storms in March. The computer "models" can't seem to agree on how much, if any, we will get today. So today will be more like the days before sophisticated weather equipment, and we'll just wait, watch, and see! The good news is: I don't have to go to work today. Lately, I've been scheduled to work when all our snow storms came through. I had to worry about how to get to work. Not today though.... bring it on!!! I have food in the house and plenty of things to do! Sounds like a good sewing day to me. Happy Snow Day to you all!


  1. Remember the worst snow storm I remember happened on March 2 on Mama's birthday *hint.. and we are expecting snow today....

  2. It may change, but right now its raining cats and dogs here!

  3. More snow, eh? Wow, will you ever get Spring? Our weather in Winnipeg, Manitoba is very Spring-like. But, everyone is expecting it to get much worse before the end of March. In like a lamb out like a lion, you know. If it is true then we are in for it!
    Oh, you should have at least bought the picture that you liked and perhaps the other one for the frame. I am very much wanting a gorgeous beefy frame to paint white. French Larkspur has a photo on her blog in which she has put a large empty frame on the dresser by her bed and a smaller framed antique mirror inside of it and both are just leaning on the wall. I have an old dresser in the garage awaiting a paint job and I have the old mirror. So I am waiting to find the large empty frame! I need a mirror in my room, so this will be perfect if I can find the frame.
    Thanks for stopping by today! Happy snow day!
    Hugs, Cindy S.

  4. Ohhh, I dream of snow, the fire going and quilting... sounds romantic... I guess when your in its not so nice... We dont get snow in the North of New Zealand.. sounds like a great day for you to relaxing and doing some creativity..love to see what you come up with... Hugs Lisa

  5. PEN,
    Always glad to hear when you get to have a day off. What did you do?
    How is that new baby doing? I miss having a tiny one. They grow up so fast.
    Nancy Jo

  6. Wondering if it snowed or not? Either way at least you had the day off to do whatever you wanted!

    Stay Cozy, Carrie

  7. I love snowy sewing days... but it is March and I really want to be done with snow.... I would love to see green grass... Hope you enjoyed your day.

  8. I envy that snow...although we are having a ton of rain today!


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