Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Trash or Treasure?

I went "thrifting" today and paid $1 for this unopened embroidery kit. I was hoping it would be Raggedy Ann inside, but it was Andy, which is still very very cute. My first thought was to open it and stitch him up into a cute little hand puppet, as I really enjoy stitching. But then I started to wonder if it had any $value$... it was made in 1976 by Bobbs Merrill Company. I've researched online and cannot find anything. I can't decide if I will keep it or try to sell it on ebay. Any opinions?


  1. I bet your Mom would like it if you stitched it up!!!

    I'm not too good at getting what things are worth on EBay. I did see this finished one that must have been made from the same kind of pattern, but it didn't sell:

    I think its a great find!

  2. I usually figure if it has a 'UPC' number on it, its not worth much. But the Raggady ann and Andy seem to be making a comeback, so maybe it would sell on e'bay. Do you have an e'bay site? I never heard you mention that before?
    Pen how do you get that thing down the side of your site with the picture and name of who came to see you?Or is that where you have been?
    Nancy Jo

  3. It sounds like a treasure. If you have no attachment to them then I would sell it.

  4. Congrats on the new grandbaby. Wish I had known you were doing cowboy as I have almost a whole bolt of cowboy fabric I used when my little buckaroo came home.


  5. So, what did you decide? Keep it? Sell it? Make it for the new grandbaby??? Whatever your decission, great find :-)


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