Thursday, July 5, 2007

What I did today...

Okay, I changed out the things on my mantel today. (is that spelled mantel or mantle? I don't know) I think I like this better than before. The two small green pottery pieces were made by my daughter when she took a pottery class in high school. The small purple/tan vase on the right was a gift from my best friend for Christmas. It is called a Naomi and Ruth Vessel...."The Naomi and Ruth Water Vessel symbolizes love, loyalty and friendship. May it be between mothers-in-law and daughters, sisters, or best friends. Its two handles remind us that sometimes, one is just not enough. Two may be needed to overcome hardships and strife. Together you can weather any storm and accomplish any goal."


  1. You could probably get a pretty penny for those works of art I created way back when in 2004. lol. I must say, the green looks quite nice!

  2. I love it too!! And your talented daughter did a great job on her works of art. I have a piece of her wonderful art, also, and later on I might sell mine for one of those pretty pennies...NOT !!!

  3. I love the Naomi and Ruth one. I have never seen that before. Mantel looks great ------
    man·tel /ˈmæntl/
    –noun 1. a construction framing the opening of a fireplace and usually covering part of the chimney breast in a more or less decorative manner.

  4. I like it! You did a great job. You have a good mixture of tall things and low things and the items complement each other.

  5. That reminds me of myself, worrying about how something is spelled! :o)

  6. Hello,
    How pretty. I love the mantel.
    Have a beautiful day.

  7. What great pieces your dd made! Everything looks very nice together.


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