Monday, July 23, 2007

Amish Girl

This little Amish girl is a favorite of mine. I bought her probably 15 years ago from a little church that had been made into a shop in Pollocksville, NC. I was working in Home Health back then and was able to stop along the way from home to home. The lady who ran this place was a retired nurse and she actually painted this little girl. When I bought it, it was mounted inside a "country" style wooden peg frame, which had lost its appeal to me over the past few years. I had a friend to remount it inside the black frame and now it is hanging proudly in my kitchen again! My husband and I have visited Lancaster, PA two times and I dearly loved the Amish country and their lifestyle. I would like to go back again some day!


  1. I remember when you got it. I love it in it's new frame.

  2. What a sweet picture. No wonder it is a favorite. I like it in the black frame--it really sets off the colors!

  3. That is a cute painting. I have one in my Kitchen That I got at a garage sale this year. very peaceful looking. We have Amish about 30 miles from here, my daughter and son in law have a cabin out there, so when we go out there I always go around to their farms and check out what they are selling. They are always interesting to talk to.

  4. That is a wonderful painting and it's always an extra blessing when you know who the artist is! It looks lovely in that frame! Thanks for sharing!

  5. So pretty. I love the amish.


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