Tuesday, August 23, 2011

A week off and caffeine withdrawal!

I'm spending my week off from work with hubby in Eastern NC.  As usual, I forgot to bring my camera, but I think this picture pretty much sums it up for you:

Can you spell HEADACHE??  Over ten years ago, after having a stress test for heart palpitations, my doctor had me remove caffeine from my life.  I didn't stop completely, but cut it WAY BACK , and was able to get my symptoms under control.

I did well for several years, but have recently allowed too much caffeine to creep back into my life.  Not good.  For the past week or so, I've been experiencing heart palpitations again, which just about drive me insane.  The constant fluttering in my chest, nervousness and anxiety... what a combination! 

Soooo, this is the week.... I'm not going "cold turkey", but it's pretty close to cold turkey.  Hence, the headache.... sluggishness.... nausea.... irritability....and did I mention headache???? 

However, my heart palpitations are decreasing already.... I only felt just a few yesterday... compared to NONSTOP for a few days earlier!  So.... I'll get there.... again.... and hope that I will have learned my lesson this time.  

** On a happy note, I finished the binding on the little pink baby quilt yesterday.  However, while spending hours on the couch, looking through quilting books, I've decided to add a few appliqued flowers to the six large squares, just to give it a little more "cute".  I can't start on those until I get back home to my extra fabric.  So, onto something else today **


Anonymous said...

Hi Penny,
I pray that you feel better soon.

Debby@Just Breathe said...

My husband just went to a specialist today and is having a stress test next week. He drinks coffee and coke all day long. I've been telling him to stop. I stopped about 12 years ago. I have an occasional coffee but that's it.
He went because of heart palpitations!

ancient one said...

Girl, I was reading your post when the earthquake hit. I was shaking in my chair and when I went to steady myself by holding on to the computer desk, I realized the whole house was shaking. As I went out the door, I saw the blue bottles were shaking. I went straight on to the shop and there were two people out there with your dad and none of them had felt anything. I have just now realized I didn't finish reading your blog.

Stess can cause what you are feeling. And so can thyroid (so my doctor says)... I hope you can get everything under control by cutting back on the caffiene. I'm praying that will be your answer. luv ya!

Debbie J said...

Good luck with the caffeine withdrawal! I know how that headache feels. I do love my full strength Diet Cokes and don't know if I can stop them. I should, I know, I know.....

Too much caffeine makes me feel sick, but so far Diet cokes don't. We do drink half-caff coffee in the mornings, so that's a good thing, I guess.