Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Vintage Child's Sewing Machine

Okay, first question: Mom, didn't I have one of these when I was growing up? If not, it may have been Gayle, because I distinctly remember using this machine. And the noise it makes... haha... unforgettable. Each stitch.... clank, clank, clank. I found this for $5 yesterday at Goodwill while waiting to pick up my daughter's car for her. (they didn't have it ready when promised.... imagine that! so I went to Goodwill to kill time)

I could NOT... it just wasn't in my heart... leave it sitting at the Goodwill. I decided that even if it didn't work, it would be fun to look at in my sewing room. But guess what? It works! beautifully! All pieces are there... the owner's manual, the bobbins, the needle threader, the electrical adaptor... I was so excited!!

Just LOOK at this cute little baby.... $5 dollars! I also found a book on organization by Donna Otto; I have almost finished reading it. I put together a binder last night as my organizer and I am now setting off to organize my world! I have a LOT of work to do, but it's worth a try. Already this morning, I can see a difference....I got my prayer time and my Bible study in first thing! (a big change)

I also *finally* visited a local quilt shop that I had never visited. I cannot BELIEVE it took me so long to get in there. The owners are so sweet and the fabric prices were not nearly as pricey as most quilt shops! I am signing up for some of their classes... my first being a redwork embroidery class. Yes, I know how to do that already, but for $10, I might learn something new and meet some new friends! Yay! Yesterday was a good day! :o)


ancient one said...

Must have been Gayle's.. or not... I just cannot remember you having one. Ask Dale, he would remember. You probably got a real bargain. I would just have to see if there are any listed on eBay? LOL

Debby@Just Breathe said...

What an awesome find for $5.00!
I love it.

Debbie J said...

That was a great find Penny! With all the parts and the instruction book.... you can't beat that.

I have that book... I'm pretty sure its the same one. I love it. I need to get mine back out and re-read it! I love organization books, especially Christian ones.