Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Yellow Finches

I have to show off "my" birds. I bought a new bird feeder last week and the little birds wasted no time finding it. This picture was taken the very next day after I hung the new feeder. I love watching the yellow finches feed!
On a sad note: we had a lot of wind a few days ago and my little bird nest (basket and all) blew off the porch. I was cleaning in my flower beds when I noticed the basket in my azalea bush. I gulped and yelled "oh no!" My daughter ran to front door to see what was wrong and we discovered four little eggs lying scattered across the front steps. Three were obviously cracked, but one seemed to be intact. I gently placed it back inside the nest, hung it back on the door, and watched to see if the mama bird would come back. She actually did come back for a little bit, but has now abandoned the nest. I guess she knew that the egg was damaged. I feel guilty because I had actually moved the basket with the nest away from the door, a few feet away and rehung it, thinking I was doing an "okay" thing. I guess I made the nest more vulnerable to the wind when I did so. Sorry, mama bird... I will not touch your work next year!


ancient one said...

Sorry about your baby birds... but how nice to see all the finches at the feeder...

Debbie J. said...

I love seeing birds at feeders like that. Yours are very pretty! That is sad about the eggs. I'm sorry.

I need to put seed in our feeders. We have so many cats the feeders need to be away from the house though!

I envy you having access to so many thrift stores. Enjoy yourself!

Nancy Jo said...

Hi pen pen,
Is the mother bird still coming around? Usually those nests hang on like glue, I'm surprised it blew away.
Your new feeder is doing the job, the birds seem to love it. I have a few feeders around, its fun to watch.
nancy jo

ancient one said...

Hey.. I love the new background..you have many lurkers...be sure to go tell Brin goodbye.

Utah Grammie said...

Oh, sorry about the little eggs. We are hoping for another "nester" around here- we had Hummingbirds last year.

The yellow finches are darling - I want a bird feeder this year now that Bones the cat has passed ( we didn't want the little birds to be a snack for Bones!)