Monday, January 14, 2008

Truth about my vacation

The truth about my vacation (started on Friday) was that I woke up sick on Friday! I had a little sore throat on Thursday, but I kept thinking "oh no, it can't be, I'll be fine." Not to mention my son was sick with bronchitis and laryngitis all last week. And not to mention that most of the patients on my hall were sick and I got them all taking antibiotics before I went on vacation. (to make sure they would be well when I got back to work) I washed my hands diligently all week, more than usual, and used hand sanitizer until my hands were dry and cracking! But.... I woke up Friday morning, feeling like this:
I managed to piddle around the house and get a few things done on Friday. Saturday morning, I felt like I had been run over by a truck, but got into my closet and cleaned anyway! This is what I had most been looking forward to about my days off. I probably didn't do as good a job as I would if I had felt better and had more energy. You know, it was one of those days that your arms feel as if they weight 50 pounds each.... back aching.... sore throat.... stuffy nose.... etc. To top it all off, I have two adorable little dogs that I just love and I love to make them happy. (not my dogs in photo) My little dachshund is a BIG chewer and the vet told us to only buy Nylabone toys for her, as they are much tougher and "safer" for her. (she ate future daughter in law's shoe this summer, along with a few other inedible things, causing a trip to the vet) Last night after church, we stopped by Wal Mart and I bought her and little brother two big bones... made by Nylabone, so they had to be good! ($5 for two bones) They were huge so I thought they would last a day or two, and I could get some good rest while they chewed on their bones. Chew bones make them so happy! Let's see... I think the little girl had hers eaten in 15 minutes and then stole what was left of brother's bone, making a pig out of herself. I ended up taking brother's from her and throwing it away.
You guessed it. She has thrown up undigested Nylabone chew bone all night long. On my comforter and on my couch! Not only am I feeling poorly, but I now have to clean up dog vomit!
Did I tell you how much I LOVE my Bissell carpet cleaner? It has an upholstery attachment that did a wonderful job on the couch last night! I've used it again this morning on the other couch, as that bone is still being returned to me. My throat hurts, I can't breathe, my eyes are watery, and I'm miserable. I love being on vacation!


The Babysitters Love said...

Oh poor momma! I'm sorry you aren't well! :( I'm glad you can enjoy blogs while at home. I stumbled into one of your favorites this morning "My Messy Thrilling Life" I LOVE IT! She sounds like me in 7 years!

Ps- The boys call Will, UNCLE Will already too! :)

Kim said...

So sorry you're not feeling well on your vacation no less. I know how you feel about the doggie vomit. I cleaned up peanut butter from our dog last week because hubby gave her peanut butter and cheerios right before bedtime. Shadow has a very picky tummy and is the most paranoid dog I've ever met. She really needs some doggie valium. She gets treated like a queen and runs from her own shadow!

Sandy said...
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Sandy said...

Yikes, that is so wierd...wrong comment...I hope you feel better and will be thinking of you.

Debbie J. said...

I'm so sorry you are sick on your vacation. That's just not fair!

ancient one said...

Are all my children sick? Dale said he's fighting a cold. I'm sorry you're not feeling well. And poor doggie, sicker than you.

I spent all day in the doctor's offices... this morning with mama and this afternoon for myself. I was just getting refills of prescriptions.

I hope you feel better soon.

Oh, and are you making money now doing ads for vacummn cleaners? LOL

Utah Grammie said...

You poor thing! My illness is finally over and now you've got it! Maybe youcaught it from my blog...double sorry! I hope rest and liquids will make you feel better. Try no to do too much- rest in between little jobs. And for heaven's sake - take some asprin and blog me in the morning!
Take care!

meggie said...

Oh I do sympathise with you!! Nothing quite like dog vomit to ruin your day. Especially if you are not well.

Sending Cyber Chicken soup & hugs, for you & your throat. Not sure what to send for the greedy dog- diet pills?
Bless the Bissell!

Blue Sky said...

I'm so so so sorry you don't feel well!! I'm also sorry about the doggie puke. Our cat and dog LOVE to eat too much too fast and then puke it all up about 5 minutes later. Our dog found the Milk Bone hiding spot the other day and, well, it was quite a mess! I hope you feel better soon!!! :)