Sunday, January 15, 2023

Sunday Stitches

 I’m plugging away at my stitching and actually getting things done.

I’m calling the little reindeer quilt done and I’ve packed it away until Christmas comes again.

I’ve decided that this year's projects will be simple and done. 

You will notice very minimal quilting lines, then it was tacked together in the corners.


I finished one ornament cross stitch.

And I’ve started another. I’m hoping to finish this one this week, then turn them both into ornaments. I’ll probably make them into little pillows, but I’ve been looking at different finishes that others are using. There are some incredibly talented people out there. 

Shout out to Karen at Karen Quilts, etc. she mentioned this neck light and it has been a game changer for hand stitching. I think anyone over 40 needs one! Lol Great for reading, too!

My silly simple way of getting more done these days.

Many of you have fancy little planners with color coordinated stickers and markers. I find I am easily distracted and have plenty of plain notebooks around the house.  Writing out each day’s goals helps me to stay focused.

Do you make lists?


  1. Your projects are always just darling. I wish I had the patience for it - I used to - but not any more.

  2. glad the neck light worked out for your! I have little note books and post a notes all over the place - I tried an expensive fancy planner one year and it was a waste of money for me.

  3. I am always making lists, a good way to get things done.

  4. Your reindeer quilt is as cute as a button, Penny . It will be such a joy to display it come Christmas time. I make my lists in notebooks as well. Have an awesome week.

  5. Lovely finish. I keep notes of what projects I want to finish each week, and then cross them off when I do.

  6. The reindeer are so darn cute. I love the dog in that first photo. Your other projects for Christmas are really nice. That lamp sounds very nice. I just have a pad of paper but I normally only make lists for trips and packing. However, I need to make daily lists and get things done around the house. Take care.

  7. I must say I am not a list maker. =) Your reindeer will be a cheery sight come next Christmas. It is so very adorable.

  8. Yes, I’m a list maker too. It really helps to organize my day and ensures that all gets done. The reindeer quilt is so cute. 🥰

  9. Love your projects Penny! You are always an inspiration to me. I am a list maker and have become a "planner girl" I think.... Can't live without my planner lately.

  10. Hello, just came across your blog...that's a cute christmas finish. I see you just started a LK design..i love her designs and had finished an ornament each month this year so far..

  11. Oh those reindeer are cute! I like your holiday cross stitch - I started a new one last night and am using Aida linen and finding it very stiff. What kind do you use?
    I used to do a simple list for every day because I loved checking things off. Then I started doing more of a journal with drawings and photos I cut out from magazines scotch taped to the pages. That was back in the 1990-early 2000s. I tried some of the scrapbooking sticker-ish type things and got discouraged because mine weren't as pretty as the ones I saw on other blogs (silly, right?) Then I just stopped making hand lists and did them on the laptop. I'm trying to get back to the simple one like you are doing. Seems like when you stop doing things like that it's hard to get back into it. So long story short, your simple way is my favorite way!

  12. Thank you for visiting my blog and for leaving such a nice comment! I'm happy to have found yours, too. Your little reindeer are so adorable. Love the stitched Christmas pieces you are working on as well. Happy New Year!

  13. Your reindeer quilt is so festive as are your projects. I want to try to simplify what I make in the coming year as well. I'm currently hand quilting a quilt that I was working on when I got my cancer diagnosis... almost seven years ago! It's hard to believe it's been that long. I've been two years without related surgeries now! Praise God!

    I look forward to seeing what you work on next!
    Laura of Harvest Lane Cottage


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