Sunday, January 8, 2023

Happy 2023! Thoughts on crafting!

 Happy New Year to my blogging friends! I hope 2023 will be wonderful for you!

I finished the Santa embroidery a few weeks before Christmas and enjoyed seeing him on my wall. (No one else seemed to notice, so I guess that’s why it’s best to craft for ourselves— Lol)

Along that same thought, I tend to see donated cross stitch in thrift stores quite often. Unless someone requests a specific cross stitch, I don’t think I would gift my x stitch pieces to anyone. (Even though I have done so in the past) Christmas ornaments, yes— but not something they’d be expected to display year round. Your thoughts?

I embroidered eight tiny reindeer, plus Rudolph.

This has been my hand stitching project while sitting with the needy little girl you see in the background. We spend a lot of time in the bedroom these days.

I’ve also joined a challenge on Instagram this year. It’s called #12in23ornamentstitchalong. (Hosted by Caroling55) We hope to stitch a Christmas ornament each month. There are so many free cute patterns available on the internet. I think this will be fun. It’s not too late to join us. 

I leave you with this funny pic of my Daddy. We stopped by his friend’s house this week to see his new “man cave.” I’m not a fan of animal trophies , but I couldn’t resist taking this pic of my daddy next to this big bear. 😝 

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  1. I love your redwork Santa embroidery! Is there a pattern available for that design?

    1. The pattern is from Lakadaisies; they have a website.

  2. It saddens me to see lovely pieces of cross stitch, embroidery and quilting going for mere pocket change in thrift stores. Years ago, I cross stitched 2 pieces for my mother-in-law. They would have been perfect for framing or for having made into throw pillows for the sofa. They were tucked into a drawer in a spare bedroom. For like 40 years! You are correct that we should stitch for ourselves. Your cross stitch is lovely. Jayne at Jayne's Quilting Room

  3. OK this time I am commenting on the correct post. Love the reindeer quilt and would like to use it as an inspiration for something similar.

  4. Lovely needlework! Such a variety of different things. I like how you made the reindeer into a small quilt.

  5. Oh, I would've noticed your jolly Santa wall hanging; he is fabulous! Yes, it is such a shame to see gifts that have taken a lot of love and time to stitch to be hidden away. The reindeer quilt is such fun.

  6. I have gifted needlework to people that I know would appreciate it. Otherwise I just make for myself and my children (and now grandchildren) who I know appreciate the love and time that is put into each piece. I really like your Santa embroidery!

  7. I wouldn't gift cross stitch unless I have it in a frame or in a pillow etc some people don't know what to do with them when they receive a piece for a gift - they get it and say oh so pretty but they don't know how they are to use it so that might be why they end up in thrift shops - I always think if someone takes the time to make a needle point as a gift they need to finish it by putting in a frame or a pillow - you know what i mean? that is a pretty one you are doing

  8. Happy New Year! You have been busy. I love Santa and I love the reindeer. So cute. That bear is pretty awesome to have in a man cave.

  9. Your Santa turned out great.
    And I love the little reindeer. Such a cute little finish.
    I know I would fail miserably at stitching one ornament a month.
    When I went through my cross-stitch phase, I always framed the pieces myself before gifting. I also did some little ornaments that I also framed. But I always felt like I was giving something people didn't necessarily have a place to display. After giving my parents, siblings, children, and
    close friends each one framed piece, I decided if I did anything more, it would be for me. I did one Christmas piece for me, saved two sampler patterns I thought I would eventually make, and got rid of all my other patterns and books (boxes full). I've never made those samplers--though I still tease myself that I will. :)

  10. I love your stitching projects, so cute! Your dad looks unfazed by the bear; he's a brave man!


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