Saturday, October 22, 2022

Quilt Show

I went to a quilt show yesterday in New Bern, NC.  

I’m posting pics of a few of my favorites. There were so many to see!

This quilt was huge. I loved it!

This was a sentimental favorite for me. You can read the description in the next photo.

In fact, there was a special display to honor their former guild members who had passed away.

I enjoyed this display.
I heard someone say this is a stack and whack style quilt. I love the kitties.

This was the only quilt I noticed that was hand quilted. Most seemed to be quilted by machine.

A machine just can’t capture the softness and crinkly love of hand made stitches. ❤️

I was totally in awe of this one.

Beautiful and Patriotic!

Classic red white and blue! I loved this simple quilt.

I’m not a fan of sugar skulls, but this quilt was amazing. Totally appliquéd! Look at those tiny little dots! She must have used tweezers! Beautiful!!

Ric rac basket handles. 

Gorgeous calicoes

Beautiful fall quilt

Beautiful Quilt of Valor

I’ll end here, but there were so many more to see. There were a few vendors, but the best part was like a huge yard sale. There were used patterns, quilting tools, books, notions, etc and FABRICS being sold at rock bottom prices. It was a fun visit.


  1. I'm impressed. They are all unique and beautiful.

  2. How beautiful. You must have had a ball!!!! That would be so neat. I went to an Amish quilt auction once years back, and it was sure something to see.
    I love the one with kitties, the patriotic and even the one with the skull is lovely. That is something.
    Glad you got to go and enjoy!

    1. Thanks Cheryl. It was a fun day! Lots of inspiration and plenty of “geez! I could never make that!” Lol

  3. Looks like a great display of quilts--and I like the sound of that yard sale-type vendor area. Love treasure hunts! :)

  4. they are all so pretty - the last show I went to I was not impressed with the vendors for a change - normally I find a lot I like and that time I didn't - or maybe it was because I didn't need anything and I was being picky?

  5. I love this quilt show shore! Glad they had a quilters yard sale of sorts there too... selling fabric and notions at more affordable prices!
    I love your quilt you shared last week along with some of your other stitching... you definitely stay busy sweet Penny!

  6. Wow!
    I remember my grandmother setting up a quilting frame big enough for the entire quilt to fit on and having people over to help with the quilting. You are right about machine vs. hand quilting.

  7. Oh my goodness, so many beautiful quilts. I love the hand stitched ones too. They are not like machine quilted ones. The sentimental one is something to cherish forever. Thank you for sharing these beautiful pieces. 😊

  8. So much lovely eye candy. I bet you came home inspired. Your sentimental favorite is one of mine too as well as the tiny basket quilt. But they are all glorious.


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