Wednesday, October 5, 2022

Halloween Wall Hanging

 I’ve long admired those who have a little quilt for each season. While many of you have many quilts for each season, my goal is to have just one to hang in my foyer.

I used a thrifted scrub top for the cute little critters. 

One of my favorite blocks reminds me of my new stray cat who has now become a little love bug. ❤️

Another favorite because it reminds me of my little old Sweet Pea girl.

I probably won’t have one ready for November, but I’m still working on the redwork Santa, in hopes that he will make it to the door by December.


  1. I just love, love the wall hanging quilt. Adorable. The animals sure do look like your babies!! I have a black kitty too!
    You do lovely work

  2. Thanks Cheryl. It was a fun little thing to make.

  3. Precious; made even more so because of the sweet friends within the blocks! I love it!!

  4. A very cute little holiday creation, with special nods to your furry family members. Well done.
    My sister has used her old scrubs to make quilts for each of her kids. They have some really fun prints, and good fabric quality, so why not?

  5. That is such a cute quilt! I love upcycling scrubs. I make cloth pads with them and they are such good quality.


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