Sunday, May 1, 2022

Sunday Blogging

 I stitched two whole rows on this preprinted quilt top. Does that count as sewing this week?

We had two really tall pine trees removed from our yard this week.

For the past several months, I’ve been trying to befriend two stray cats . (Both male) We have come a long way, in that I can now pet both of them, although the black one still makes me a little nervous. They sometimes fight, which makes me sad. The yellow one is  missing an eye. 

I would love to have them both neutered, but I’m more than afraid to trap them and have it done. Any advice would be appreciated, as I would love to keep them and have them live in harmony. 🤪

I’ll leave you with our little gymnast, Brinley Kate. She has been competing for approximately a year now and won first place recently. She is everything her Grandma always dreamed of being.... lol... I don’t have an athletic bone in my body. I’m so proud of her. ❤️


  1. The kitties are sweet. Do you have a feral help group in your area. Here, we can trap - or they will set trap - they take them and neuter them - keep for 7 days for healing and then return to your area. It is a free service - although they love getting donations!!!!!!
    What a sweet little girl!

  2. Yes, that counts as sewing to me. Keep working on those sweet kitties, they will come around.

  3. Congratulations to precious Brinley Kate on winning 1st place. Such talent and hard work. Your quilt is looking fantastic . I hope you are able to keep the sweet kitties.

  4. Granddaughter is adorable!
    It will be a good thing to get the cats neutered... helps with aggressive behavior.

  5. Way to go Brinley Kate! Yes, that counts as sewing. I'm glad to hear you are working with those cats. Poor babies.

  6. Just keep doing what you're doing with the kitties! They have trust issues...but they'll get there!
    Miss Brinley is beautiful!hughugs

  7. The stitching looks great.
    You are obviously doing the right thing with the cats.
    Congratulations on your granddaughter!

  8. I hope you can work it out with the cats. They're cute fellas. I responded on my blog, but couldn't find your email. I'm pretty sure I had it at one time. Hope your summer is going well.
    Laura of Harvest Lane Cottage

  9. I hope you find help with the cats, you could do an online search with the name of your city and the words "feral cats help". Or call your local animal shelters, perhaps they can trap them for you and you could pay to have the kitties neutered. Bravo to your granddaughter.


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