Friday, November 6, 2009

Thanksgiving Ready!

I have been working like a mad woman, cleaning house this week. I think the cool temperatures are finally putting me in the mood to clean and get my house ready for the holidays. I have this wreath stand that I only bring out during the fall. I don't know why I don't buy or make seasonal wreaths to leave it out year round. But I do really enjoy it on my fireplace.
I decided I had brought in too much junk from the thrift store, so I decluttered my kitchen. I took the tablecloth off and went for simple, simple, simple. With the room clean and everything wiped down, it just feels better.

I moved my singer sewing base table into the livingroom, as it was adding to the clutter in the kitchen. I brought out my favorite pilgrim figurines to enjoy for a few weeks.

I bought a new pumpkin scented yankee candle and added a few touches of orange to the mantel. I saw a beautiful glass mosaic shade and base for the candle at the yankee store, that I plan to go back and buy with my $10 off coupon. (did you know if you register online with yankee candle, you automatically get a $10 coupon???) Don't look too closely at the embroidery.. it's still October's... I didn't get around to stitching November's stitchery. Maybe I'll get one done before December rolls around.

I finally stained my thrift store ($1) deer yesterday. I added a pretty orange bow around his neck. You can see a little of the Christmas cactus I bought on clearance after Christmas last year. It has grown tremendously throughout the year and I'm hoping for pretty blooms soon! We're still not sure what we'll be doing for Thanksgiving this year... we are hoping to visit my parents and celebrate with them. (kids do the cooking... mom provides the house) Some of our family will be working this year, so we aren't sure who will be present ... but we are looking forward to seeing everyone.


Kimberly said...

Penny, everything looks wonderful! I really love the picture on your mantle! And I wish I could smell that yummy candle!Have a great weekend! Kimberly

Debbie J said...

I'm impressed with all you've gotten done Penny! Everything look festive and all ready for Thanksgiving.

Just Breathe said...

You look ready, good for you. It will be here before we know it.
Have a beautiful weekend.

Janet, said...

I need to declutter, too! I love your mantel, it is beautiful.

Connie said...

Those little letters could be just about anything you'd want, sugar! With certain fabrics they'd have a "log cabin" feel or a "primitive" feel. Just about anything you can "spell" out, chickee!

Thanks for your visit and sweet comment today.


Rose Mary said...

It all looks so nice! Sometimes I 'sweep away' my clutter for a while, too. Somehow, it always finds it's way back, LOL!

Your little deer turned out so cute!

Chocolate Cat said...

Oh I love that wreath stand!

Utah Grammie said...

Oh so pretty and welcoming! You have an eye for it :-)

Kim said...

I love that table.