Friday, November 13, 2009

Guest room

Next week there will be pictures, I promise, of my newly decorated guest room. I have always wanted a guest room, but never had a house large enough to have the extra room. Since my kids have married and moved away, not only did I get my own sewing room, but now I get to make my daughter's bedroom into a guest bedroom. My husband is hanging new curtain rods for me right this minute, as I type. I have a small purchase or two to make this weekend and I should be ready for pic's next week. And then.... you are all invited to come and sleep in my new guest room. :D


Debbie J said...

Better be careful, you might have lots of guests, cause we all know how pretty the room will be when you get through with it! I've still got 2 kiddos (1 full time and 1 on weekends) using the two extra bedrooms here. So my foyer is my sewing room and there's no room for any guests!

You will soon need a guest room for a baby boy won't you?

Just Breathe said...

That is exciting. I have two guest rooms and we have two offices too! We bought a bigger house after the kids grew up! They were not very happy about it because they would have like the bigger house when they were young.

Rose Mary said...

Oh, can't wait to see the pics! I've always wanted a guest room, but will have to wait until the dds are out on their own!

Gretchen said...

My guest room is also my sewing room but I'm glad to have it.

Let me know what weekends your new guest room is available.


Janet, said...

I've always wanted a guest room and I've always wanted to visit North Carolina :). Have fun decorating it. Can't wait to see the pics.