Friday, January 25, 2008

My day off!

My first day off of my long weekend! I slept in this morning, spent a little time with the children (bow wow), and then headed out for an afternoon alone. I shopped at a new shopping center that I really had not had the chance to spend a lot of time there before. What fun! I didn't see it all, but did find a few great bargains. Two new pairs of jeans and a new blouse!
Okay, this is huge for me.... I then went to a "sit down" restaurant, ALONE, and had lunch. I was craving a good cup of coffee and knew that Cracker Barrel wouldn't let me down. I have never dined in before by myself and had always wondered about other lone diners, when I would see them sitting alone. I had always thought it might be a little awkward. It was great! My waitress was super nice and it was fun to have "thinking" time while eating.
After a couple more stops for shopping, mostly browsing, I stopped by the grocery store before heading home. Thankfully, I have my grocery shopping done, and tomorrow can be an "almost" stay at home day for me. I do have to run one of the dogs to the vet tomorrow. He seems to be having anxiety issues since my daughter moved out about a month ago. I wonder if they make doggie prozac?


ancient one said...

I don't know about doggie prozac, but Meggie knows a dog whisperer. Her Leo is behaving much better.

Glad you got to have some time for you today and you actually found some things you could use. Love ya!

Debbie J. said...

I much prefer to go shopping right by myself, but don't get to very often, except on my lunch hour and then in too big a hurry to enjoy it! Sounds like a perfect afternoon to me.Good luck with the doggie problem!

BLUE SKY said...

That is so funny about the doggie prozac! Sometimes I think our dog needs some too! Since the baby came is very mopey!

Utah Grammie said...

Sounds like you had an ejoyable day-off and you deserve it! Isn't it funny that we feel awkward about dining alone? I do too - but I have. When I used to travel a lot for my job - I'd usually just grab some fast food and eat it in my room. Once in a while I'd "brave" eating alone - lunch is easier than dinner I think. SOmetimes I'd not find a fast food place and have to get stuff from the vending machines in the hotel. Pittiful, huh? (and not in a good way!)
Have a fun afternoon :-)