Saturday, January 12, 2008

Discovering myself

I found out a few things about myself today while cleaning out our bedroom closet. Number one: I am a pack rat!

2. I hide things from myself, causing myself to buy things in duplicate, because I am so unorganized. However, I do like surprises when I find these hidden things!

3. I hate to throw away Home Decorating magazines. Even today, I put two large stacks back into the closet, that I just could not yet part with.

4. I hang on to things just because I like them, not because I'll ever use them again.

5. I have more projects to do "one day" than I'll ever live long enough to see completed. I buy way more than I need.

6. I have way more time on my hands now days than I did when my kids were little and growing up. However, I accomplished a whole lot more back then. I found the little quilt posted above while cleaning out today. It is a miniature bow tie quilt, sewn all by hand, that I remember putting together while the kids were little.

7. I need to go on a fabric diet, pattern diet, project diet. However, I'm sure those diets are just like food diets.... impossible. The temptation is great!

8. Last, but not least, I hate cleaning out closets. I only did the "stuff" today. I still need to go back through the clothes and shoes!


Nancy Jo said...

pen pen,
Take a deep breath, there ya go. Ok now. Love that little quilt! So glad you found it. Now don't hide it again.

Anonymous said...

I like to be Lets take my locker at school for example...I will be purchasing plastic containers with drawers in them so I can store my supplies instead of having to leave everything in plastic bags... Oh, and yes I will be shaving Magnum's So I will post pictures of that once we arrive to that section! lol Love you

Debbie J. said...

You sound very interesting to me! That little quilt is very pretty! Its ok to keep stuff if you love it and that doesn't mean you are a packrat, but if you are a packrat and you are happy then that's ok!!!

The Babysitters Love said...

Haha... You're too funny! I hope that I don't end up one day having a decade worth of "junk" that I haven't thrown away (like my mom and dad do...) But I'm sure I'll end up the same. At least you did clean yours up! Hahahaha.

yellowfarmhouse said...

I'm doing my closet tomorrow and dreading that awful job. Hubs and I have our own closets, he says mine scares him, lol.

Hugs - karen

Utah Grammie said...

If I didn't know you wrote that, I would have thought I did! Sounds just like me- when the kids were little and I was working 2 shifts as a waitress, I "found" the time to do oil painting! Now, I can't seem to find the time to do any of my things - then the guilt sets in and I do nothing..Ah well. we live, we learn!

Beach Girl said...

Hmm.....we seem to be cut from the same cloth, LOL. Some of the same things that are on your list are on mine!

But I'm on a roll now that I'm moving. I'm not taking some of it BACK to VA where it came from a year and a half ago.

I love #3, the magazines. That was me until this move came up. I went through and tore out everything I liked and filed it in folders by room or topic (paint, curtains, etc.)

Well, back to packing!


Beemoosie said...

...I think we are long lost twins!...

Sandy said...

I thought your were talking about me...LOL

ancient one said...

Honey Child quit fighting it... Grandma was like that, I'm like that, You're like that...etc...

Your dad was talking to my mama yesterday about the things I save... He said they were absolutely worth nothing... he's not sentimental like I am. LOL