Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Ta Daaa !

Ta daaa!  I say that phrase sort of  with 'tongue in cheek', but I am pretty proud that I finished this quilt that I started at least 25 years ago!

Back before I  owned internet and back when I was learning to sew, I started this little 'school' quilt for my sweet little girl, who is now 30 years old.  I dreamed that she would become a school teacher one day, because that was what I wanted to be as an adult.

Funny thing is: my little girl grew up to be a hair dresser.  My son is the teacher.  Did I tell you he was voted Teacher of the Year at his school in High Point last school year?  (side thought:  little daughter had a jumper dress made out of the chalkboard fabric too! )

This is the quilt I decided to finish without spending much time on.  Not to mention being very very frugal about it.  I picked up this lightweight quilted bedspread at Goodwill and it has fabric on both sides.  After a good wash in the washer,  I cut it down to use as backing and batting. ($4)

Here it is all pinned together and ready for the sewing machine.  This quilt is not very large and I was amazed at how easily it quilted with my walking foot!  No stress whatsoever!

The binding was made from a piece of gingham fabric I found in the clearance bin at Hobby Lobby.   By the way, does gingham have a right side and wrong side?  Anyone know??  I machine stitched front and back sides of binding.... not very pretty, but like I said, I didn't want to spend a lot of time on this quilt. No hand sewing!

So that's the story of the frugal, non stressed quilt.  The whole time I was haphazardly sewing it together, I kept thinking of the ladies who made quilts that were strictly utilitarian, telling myself it didn't really matter what it looked like.  I haven't put it through the washer yet, so whether my 1990's sewing will hold up to washing and drying yet, I just don't know.   I did machine stitch around my appliqued apples, because I didn't trust my hand applique to hold up.

One more thing... guess who got a little Vit D today?  Can you see the rain coming across the ocean?  We were able to sit out for about an hour before the rain arrived, which was plenty for me.  It was a good day!


  1. Wait a minute. You live near the ocean? I'm coming for a visit! Love the quilt. And the story behind it. I think you made great choices to get it finished. I bet it's super cozy!!

  2. Wow, a great quilt finish and some beach time! That's great!

    Love the quilt! I love how you used the bed spread and how it all turned out. I like the back and the front equally. Its a special quilt with the story behind it.

    That's wonderful that your son was teacher of the year. I know you are so proud!

    I can never tell the back from the front on some gingham, so I just don't worry about which side is up. :o)

  3. Congrats on a finish that was a long time coming! And congrats to your son. So who gets the quilt now, the daughter or son? :)
    Beautiful shot of the ocean!

  4. Oh that is so cheerful and lovely. Grand job!

  5. BEAUTIFUL quilt. Wonderful that you completed this. It is absolutely cheerful to look at. Good for you.

    I think I could sit on the beach and just sit there listening to the ocean. Maybe this will happen later this year when we can get away for a few days. I'm ready.

    Summer is wrapping up. Here comes Autumn!

  6. Congratluations on your finish. I am not one to keep unfinished things around that long. I would have donated it somewhere along the line. Now I wish I had some of those projects I donated.
    I played teacher every day when I was young. The neighborhood kids were my students. What a fun time. I wanted to grow up to be a teacher but life got in the way. I did teach facets of quiltmaking though.

  7. Oh!
    I adore that beautiful quilt!!!
    I cannot thread a needle, so I am in awe of your talents.
    Beautiful beach photo too!
    Have a cozy afternoon!

  8. My first quilt took me 20 years to finish - feels good though, doesn't it? That's a darling quilt! And I adore the idea of using a quilted bedspread, how awesomely clever of you. You're going to have me at the thrift shop very soon, lol, I need to copy that! And don't worry about the gingham.

    Sweet that your son was named Teacher of the Year! I always wanted to be a teacher too, and sort of got my dream while I homeschooled, lol.....I had a BLAST.

  9. Love the quilt. I also want to come visit if you live by the ocean!

  10. I love that quilt and think it turned out beautifully! Congrats to your son on being voted teacher of the year...what an honor!

  11. I absolutely LOVE the quilt. It's gorgeous.

  12. Wow, 25 years!!! It is adorable. Hooray for your little get away and the vitamin D.

  13. The quilt looks great, I love the colors and its a good idea using ready bedspread for backing, speeds up the process.

  14. Well done, the quilt is timeless; I am inspired by your thrift and your perseverance in seeing this one through to the end. I don't know about right or wrong side of gingham; I am guessing if it's that hard to tell there is no right or wrong side! Enjoy the beach~

  15. I love the fact that you finished!!! So inspiring to me. When I moved and downsized, I got rid of a lot of things that were 1/2 finished, but kept every single one of my unfinished quilts. I just do not find time to work on them anymore. I actually got more of that sort of thing done when some of the kids were younger--they would get sick, etc., and I would stay home with them and I did not work very many hours outside of the home then, either. So, I know I will get back to some of them in the future.


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