Saturday, July 15, 2017

A New Day

After yesterday's post and all the sweet comments, I figured I would do another just to say that I really am ok.

I have so much to be thankful for and I know this.   I've been very emotional;  I even tear up and sometimes cry when I see pictures of animals who need homes on facebook.  (I really wish people wouldn' t put the sad animal posts on fb.  Truthfully, a lot of of my sadness probably comes from fb.... that's another deep thought)

I'm at 'that' age when women's emotions sometimes go crazy.  And I know this.  I keep reminding myself that 'this too shall pass.'  God is very good!

Peas and pastry (or dumplings)

I made peas and pastry yesterday.  I had never even heard of this until I was visiting a home health patient one day and this is what she was cooking.  I use a box of chicken broth, a bag of frozen peas, and add store bought pastry strips.  Add salt and pepper and it really is yum.  It's a comfort food for me and it brings back a fond memory of my sweet little patient.  We had this with bratwurst sausage for supper last night... easy and good.

$1.39 panel
Those who know me, know that I love Goodwill.  I found this long window scarf recently for $1.39.  It works  perfectly in my guest bedroom and we were able to get it hung before the kids visited last week.  The curtain rod costs more than the curtain.... love that!

close up
Here's a close up to better see the color.  I love checks and I love blue.... perfect for me! Thanks to whoever donated it.

As far as  I know, I don't need to leave home today.  I plan to clean the floors then spend the rest of my day in the sewing room.  It's supposed to rain later, so it sounds like a perfect day.

Everybody have a great weekend!


  1. Good to see you back, with plans for sewing the day away. I've had to cut back on FB time, because there's so much bad on there. It seems everyone wants to argue about something. There is good in the world, people - let's recognize it! Happy stitching. Oh, and I love your 'curtain'!!

  2. So happy to hear back from you, Penny!
    Long before I had considered signing up for Facebook, I'd heard so many negative things about it from others that it made me decide not to join. And you don't miss what you never had. :)
    Peas and Pastry is a new taste combination for me. Never heard of it.
    I am a thrift store junkie myself. Love a good find like this. It is a lovely window treatment.
    Enjoy your sewing day (after the floors are done, of course).

  3. Hello Penny! Mama used to make "garden pea pastry" using fresh garden peas in the spring. It was good and yours looks good too!

    Yes you are at the age of being emotional I think, since you are younger than me. I don't like some things on FB, and try not to linger there. I scroll past as fast as I can.

    Love your curtain! I love goodwill too. We don't have one near me but when hubby and I are away from this area we try to stop at them. My daughter lives in the Cary area and when I visit her we some times go there.

    Yes your day sounds perfect to me!

    Debbie J.

  4. Good morning
    The new valance is so nice! I like checks and blue too and what a bargain! My town has several nice thrifts, I just don't have time to visit them much. But we did drop off a trunk full at the brand new Goodwill just a mile from our home.
    I know all about those emotion-swings. I've had to unfollow people on FB because of how they post.
    Hope this new week coming is much better for you.

  5. I agree with you, I don't like to see those pictures on Facebook either. I try my hardest to keep my Facebook page a happy place. That scarf looks lovely on your window.

  6. An unusual vegetable dish. I am not fond of peas. I can eat them mixed in with other vegetables but have never cared for them in large amounts. Does that make sense? Anyhow, have never seen anything like what you cooked but seems like it would be very easy.

  7. Hi Penny. Your last post before this was sad and it does seem that sometimes trouble/bad things come in bunches. But as you said, God is good, and he always gets us through!

    I love the curtain you got at the Goodwill. What a great find! I always love it when I find a good bargain on something. I have not been 'junk' shopping in a while, but I hope to soon. I have never heard of the peas and pastry, but I may try it sometime.

  8. The curtain looks so fresh and pretty! I'm happy for you that you have some time to sew. That's hard to find, at least around here!!!

  9. I could have sworn I left a comment here...chalk yet another flub up on my part to fibro fog. I love that scarf that you found. It looks cheery and airy at the same time. Just wanted to give you some Big HUGS and I do understand the emotional rollercoaster. I seem to take a trip on it myself quite frequently lately.

  10. Ah yes, the emotional fb posts - I really need to stop spending so much time there, I'm the same way. I'll have to try your peas and pasta, a favorite dish of mine is peas and rice. I cook the rice, then add frozen peas without cooking them, the hot rice thaws them and they taste almost fresh-picked. I love what you've done with that window, it just looks so fresh and pretty!


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